Which Game Coins Are Notable? Check Out These 15!

The cryptocurrency market continues with GameFi, a trend that financializes video games. This is mainly characterized by the play-to-win (P2E) business model. Players not only play games, they are also rewarded with tokens. So what game coins are trending lately?

Here are the most crowded games and coins

Cryptocurrency information provider CryptoDiffer shared what has been happening in the gaming market in recent months in a new tweet. The list includes well-known games you’ve probably heard of before, from Alien World to Axie. It’s clear that Star Atlas hasn’t shown up now, despite the band’s hard work. Although the new cinematics show that we will be navigating a superior metaverse, the game is far from being realized for now.

According to the data provided by CryptoDiffer, the list of the most crowded games since last month is as follows. This list has been compiled based on the number of active players. In other words, these games are mostly preferred in the P2E game category.

  1. gameta
  2. Alien World
  3. Benji Bananas
  4. Solitaire Blitz
  5. splinterland
  6. Axie Infinity
  7. Trickshot Blitz
  8. Upland
  9. Farmer World
  10. Arc8
  11. Era7: Game of Truth
  12. Trinity World
  13. Sunflower Land
  14. MOBOX
  15. X World Games

Speaking of game coins, let’s quickly point out that there is a cryptocurrency that corresponds to almost all Blockchain-based games. AXS and TLM, for example, were in the middle of the top-paying tokens at one point last year. However, it should be noted that this acceleration has cooled down. As with the entire market, game coins are struggling to gather volume.

Axie Infinity’s revenue continues to decline

Blockchain-based game Axie Infinity brought in just $988,400 last week. It has grossed less than $1 million in its first week of P2E gaming since February 2021.

The darling of the P2E world, Axie experienced an incredible surge in popularity in the summer and fall of 2021. At its peak, the game accrued over $215 million the week of August 8, 2021. In October of that year, Sky Mavis, the company behind Axie, even raised $3 billion following a $152 million funding variant led by a16z. Not that Koindeks.com As we reported, Axie Infinity has experienced a steady decline since November 2021. Sky Mavis was unable to sustain its rapid growth due to an imbalance issuance and burn system for Axie’s in-game tokens.

The vast majority of Axie’s in-game cryptos, SLP, were issued without sufficient means to destroy or burn the token. This leads to inflation, which causes the token to depreciate and encourages players to continue using the game. Sky Mavis has tried to put more incineration systems into the game, but it doesn’t seem to have the desired effects.

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