Which Altcoins to Watch in October? These 10 Coins Are On The List!

The cryptocurrency market also had a tumultuous month in September. Bitcoin slumped below $19,000 shortly after surging above $20,000. Leader cryptocurrency is currently back above $19,000, gaining value in the last 24 hours. While altcoins are exhibiting price movements similar to BTC, there are only a few days left until the end of September. So which coins should investors watch in October? The analyst replied.

“In October, these altcoins may experience major developments”

Poolz Finance (POOLZ)

Poolz Finance ranks first in the analyst’s list of altcoins. POOLZ is basically a swap protocol. It helps project managers auction their tokens for funding. However, it reinforces innovators in the pre-listing phase of their ventures. Thus, it helps early stage investors. Investors must have Poolz Token to participate in the pool offered on the site. This pool allows to join Poolz’s whitelist and view upcoming projects.

UniCrypt (UNCX)

Founded in June 2020, the decentralized services offered by Unicrypt are always expanding. The project benefits the DeFi market with the goal of delivering innovative, adaptable and controllable technologies. Developers and groups can use UniCrypt’s artifacts to power their projects. The group has the ability to lock liquidity provider tokens. This allows project owners to secure their efforts. In addition, developers can produce custom assets that are based on ERC-20 but cannot be printed.


BSCPAD is a project that addresses the core issues affecting existing launchpads. This project aims to be the next revolution of Blockchain launchpads. The website describes itself as “BSCPAD, the First Decentralized IDO Platform for the Binance Smart Chain Network.” In this middle, with BSCPAD, the native token of the platform, users can earn passive income by participating in special events on the Binance Smart Chain network. For these reasons, it is on the analyst’s list of altcoins to watch.


PEAKDEFI Launchpad is a multi-chain, user-friendly and comprehensive platform that provides early access to the latest cryptocurrency projects for the lowest list price. It also has an attractive and fair tier system. In this middle, the PEAK token serves as the service token of the ecosystem. These altcoins; The fund is designed for use on the wallet app and MarketPeak education platform.

TrustSwap (SWAP)

TrustSwap is a decentralized platform. This cryptocurrency and protocol claims to advance decentralized finance (DeFi). To do this, it uses a new generation of multi-chain token swaps. It also leverages other features that attempt to resolve issues with already existing subscriptions and mid-chain token swaps. Staking and smart swaps that can convert a random coin into an ERC-20 token are some of TrustSwap’s core artifacts.

PowerPool (CVP)

Koindeks.com As we have reported, PowerPool is a DAO manager for unsupervised structured investments. It provides investors with access to bullish, bearish and neutral crypto investment paths by providing a variety of tokens representing various causes. The protocol houses tokens in the currently available Yearn ecosystem. Investors produce short synthetic artifacts of tokens, as mentioned above. Thus, they provide access to high-yield work incentives.


HOPR’s goal is to decentralize private data exchange. As a blockchain-based technology, HOPR aims to address global data and privacy problems. The project is decentralized with a DAO. It also uses distributed ledgers and Blockchain technologies to provide cosmic information closure. In other words, it is in the middle of the new generation privacy-focused altcoins.

Dego Finance (DEGO)

Dego Finance, a decentralized ecosystem introduced in 2020, offers a variety of NFT and DeFi solutions. It is basically an open NFT ecosystem. Accordingly, a random user can launch an NFT and mine, auction and trade for profit. For blockchain projects, Dego’s NFT protocol works as a layer-2 infrastructure. Having a modular combination design also attracts investors.

Lattice Token (LTX)

Lattice Token facilitates hassle-free cross-chain swaps and a wide variety of DeFi applications. For this, it uses Constellation Hypergraph, a nearly free and horizontally scalable decentralized network. This network is basically an AMM based DEX. Lattice offers mid-chain (multi-assets) reinforcement with enterprise-grade trading tools. However, it allows access to existing DeFi solutions that provide the least swap price.

Shapeshift FOX Token (FOX)

ShapeShift is a mid-chain cryptocurrency trading platform. However, it is the portfolio manager that supports user autonomy. The platform offers users the option to use various software or hardware wallets. Thus, it allows them to manage their assets through a web platform. The governance and service token of the project provided in all processes is FOX. Trading with FOX is more economical than going directly to DEXs. That’s why FOX is on the analyst’s list of altcoins.

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