What’s Next for Quant QNT That’s 5X Its Price?

Quant (QNT) has been acting independently of the market in recent days. It has delivered an incredible 450% benefit in just four months. The altcoin is attracting the attention of investors due to its massive rally. Will the rally continue, let’s take a look at the assumptions.

Diving into the top 30, Quant QNT brings big returns to its investors

Quant QNT has left Bitcoin, Ethereum and the wider crypto ecosystem in the ongoing crypto bear market. The interoperability focused Quant Network has gained 65.6% in the last two weeks. The invitation to CBDCs and their growing commemoration has brought Quant QNT to the fore more than ever.

Quant CEO Gilbert Verdian is a recognized member of the crypto and financial world. Verdian sided with the Bank of Italy, the Central Bank of Lithuania and the London Stock Exchange at the European Central Bank. The project emerged as a chairman project that has delivered double-digit profits to its owners in the last two weeks.

Quant QNT price climbs to $224.60

Analysts say QNT has been driven by immense hype, which is reflected in its RSI index, which is currently close to 75. An RSI above 70 indicates a very hot market and the price is increasing very quickly. Crypto analyst Jake Simmons predicts that the Quant QNT price will pull back to the $133 level.

QNT is entering the overbought zone, giving a distress signal?

Quant’s massive price hike has resulted in many owners profiting off their interests. Data from Santiment showed Quant to be at its highest point in the last six months on MVRV basis. Currently, the MVRV is 88.14%, indicating that few investors are reaping high benefits. The 30-day moving average of the indicator reveals 24.89%. QNT has experienced a positive bias amid crypto traders over the past four weeks.

On the other hand, we see that the QNT measure in whale wallets on exchanges has decreased in the last two days. This indicates that large wallet investors are making a profit. Also, investors begin to expect a short-term pullback in Quant price.

QNT is an Ethereum token used to run Quant Network’s Overledger-branded enterprise software solutions. These software solutions specifically aim to establish contacts in the middle of public blockchains and private networks. Quant Network allows the creation of applications called mDapp that enable decentralized applications to run on multiple networks. More details Koindeks.comYou can find it from this article.

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