What Levels to Expect Over the Weekend in DOGE, MATIC and ETH?

Bitcoin continued its effort to reclaim $20,000 this week. BTC, which broke above the aforementioned level on Tuesday, experienced a decline over the weekend. At the time of writing, one BTC was worth $19,511. However, altcoin markets also exhibited a similar price movement. DOGE, ETH, and MATIC fell along with BTC over the weekend. However, analysts expect potential breakouts in the coming hours.

“Pay attention to these levels for DOGE, MATIC and ETH”

“Dogecoin price can go to bottoms with domino effect”

Dogecoin price gained over 12% in just two trading days, Monday and Tuesday. This made the week a very strong start. The bulls even broke the precious 55-day Easy Moving Average with a daily close above the level. But on Wednesday, US nonfarm payrolls data came in negative. This pushed the price action back below the 55-day SMA. As a result, we witnessed a great battle to the close amid bears and bulls.

Currently DOGE continues its downward movement. It’s already wiped out half of the 12% weekly benefit. Koindeks.com As we have reported, the US employment information strengthened the possibility that the FED will increase interest rates in the coming months. If that happens, the dollar is extremely likely to strengthen further. This also risks affecting DOGE price action. Chest coin is likely to see $0.0550 and lower. However, DOGE will continue its decline to $0.0484 if a very negative business report emerges.

“Polygon risks a drop to $0.75”

MATIC price started the week with a 13% increase for traders. While stock investors rushed to the peaks, commodities continued their sideways movement. Meanwhile, cryptocurrencies struggled against the stronger dollar. Therefore, the Polygon price is set to clear 3% and the rest of the 13% interest at the end of the US trading session.

Now the MATIC price will stay within the ends of the flag pattern on the charts. However, it will fall below the 55-day Easy Moving Average (SMA). This will make it more difficult for the bulls to make another run for a bullish breakout. A drop to $0.75 is expected in a bearish test of the model, depending on whether the bulls are willing to defend or not. If the bulls are reluctant to fight the strong dollar, the altcoin could see $0.70 or lower.

“Ethereum price is preparing for a breakout”

The rectangular pattern on the four-hour chart reveals the uncertainty of the technical picture of Ethereum price. In other words, Ether moves finitely with parallel areas of support and resistance that exhibit a long period of consolidation. It is worth noting that the rectangle patterns are neither bullish nor bearish. Traders need to take into account that a breakout could be in a random direction.

It is possible for Ethereum to explore areas under the model. Thus, it continues to continue on the side of the trend before the consolidation. Also, the MACD indicator gave a sell signal on the one-to-one chart. If investors heed the call, pressure will increase on ETH with the possibility of a downside breakout. The 50-day SMA (red) and the 100-day SMA (blue) are giving the bulls some relief. According to the whitepaper, ETH price needs to stay above the moving averages to break out of the downtrend.

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