What is WazirX? What Does WRX Coin Do?

WazirX is the largest crypto exchange in India with over half a million users. In this article, as Koindeks.com, “What is WazirX?” We will answer the question. In addition, we will touch on other issues that are curious about the project.

What is WazirX? What’s the use?

WazirX is an Indian crypto exchange launched in 2018. At that time, it was only focused on the Indian market. At that time, the website was essentially unavailable to foreign crypto traders. The number of users grew rather quickly to 7.3 million.

According to WazirX, getting started with crypto is still a hassle for many people. They are not specifically meant to trade crypto, but basically enter the market. This is because many people don’t understand how crypto works, which means they don’t know where to buy it. According to these people, it is difficult to buy crypto, not according to WazirX and it doesn’t have to be.

WazirX states that the biggest problem is converting prestige money to crypto (and vice versa). For example, many crypto exchanges only accept payment procedures that many people fail to pay. As a result, this cluster of people simply ignores crypto and doesn’t start with it.

That’s why WazirX’s ambition is to introduce as many people as possible to the crypto world by making entry as easy as possible. According to WazirX, everyone should be able to buy and own crypto in a fast, easy and secure form. They do this by making their crypto exchanges as accessible as possible to the public, mostly based in India.

What is WRX coin?

WRX coin is WazirX’s native token. The token is based on the Binance blockchain. Its total supply is 1 Billion. However, token holders will be rewarded with various benefits on the exchange such as trading price reductions, WRX trading mining, token airdrop, margin price and more.

How does WazirX work?

WazirX is the largest and fastest growing crypto exchange in India with over half a million users. A segment of the Binance ecosystem and the two have created a $50 million Blockchain Fund for India. WazirX does not only serve Indian users, but can be used for global audiences as well.

It comes with a host of key features such as 80+ available tokens, instant INR deposits and withdrawals, the world’s first highly liquid auto-matching P2P engine, a smart token fund aimed at helping crypto investors find and own expert traders.

What is WazirX? How to buy WRX coin?

WazirX is currently trading on numerous cryptocurrency exchanges. Individuals who want to invest in the project should open an account in one of the exchanges where the project is processed. However, the exchanges that WazirX processes are listed as follows: Binance, FTX, KuCoin, Gate.io. Users who want to invest in the project should open an account on one of these exchanges.

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