What is Time New Bank? What Does TNB Do?

What is Time New Bank? Time New Bank (TNB) is a precision platform for time-consuming transfer based on Blockchain technology. Koindeks.com In this article, we have answered the questions frequently asked by investors, such as what Time New Bank is, what it offers, what TNB is, what it does, and how to buy it. Let’s examine together this project, which focuses on the concept of “time”.

What is Time New Bank?

Time New Bank is a platform that uses Blockchain technology. This platform enables time cost transfer in a decentralized manner. It works as a detailed network of primary, secondary and third-party markets for time-commodity exchange. It also makes it possible to organize these networks. Basically, the platform serves its users as a time-value transmission network. It was released by Miao’A Internation Timechain (MIT). MIT has worked for a long time to create a precise time-value-based transmission network.

According to MIT, individuals’ time has a financial cost, and how expensive someone’s time is depends on how much that person is needed by other people. In other words, if a person influences the people around him more, they will be needed more. MIT supports the idea that one can offer the price of time. For this purpose, it has developed two identities: time exporters and time users (demands). In this context, Time New Bank allows two user classes to interact.

What does Time New Bank offer?

MIT aims to introduce a system that will enable time exporters to recognize and claim goods through an organized scientific analytical model. For this, Time New Bank has launched its platform. This decentralized and costly transfer platform makes it possible to truly shut down any process. It also uses cryptocurrency technology to tell the current and future cost of a commodity. When a purchase is made, those who demand time have two options: realizing the good or transferring it to the secondary market.

What is TNB coin? What’s the use?

TNB is the native cryptocurrency of the Time New Bank platform. It uses the ERC-20 standard on the Ethereum Blockchain. TNB enables time-based price transfer within the ecosystem. Time issuers receive payments with this cryptocurrency from users who request time. In addition, commodity trading in secondary markets is carried out with this cryptocurrency and ETH.

What is Time New Bank? How to buy TNB?

Users wishing to invest in Time New Bank must gain access to Huobi Global and CoinDCX exchanges. Users who do so must sign up for the exchange and complete the buying process on the suggested trading pair for TNB.

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