What is SONM? What Does SNM Do?

What is SONM? SONM is a worldwide distributed network that serves general purposes, implemented as a fog information process structure. Koindeks.com In this article, we answered the questions of what is SONM, what it offers, what is SNM, what it does, and how to get it. Let’s examine together this cloud alternative project using fog information process infrastructure.

What is SONM?

SONM (SNM) is a platform built on BNB Chain. This platform provides hardware-based cloud services such as computers, servers and mining equipment. Users can rent hardware-attached cloud storage through this platform. In addition, they have various options for direct rental of various equipment. Using someone’s information processing power is also in the middle of these options.

The entire SONM network uses a fog information process structure. Accordingly, the platform works as a viable and cost-effective alternative to cloud artifacts and services. This shared knowledge process and resource pool provides a variety of on-demand features. In the middle of the aforementioned features is the endless and efficient process power. In addition to these, users can contribute to the network with their own hardware. Users who do this earn cryptocurrency rewards by the platform.

What does the SONM network offer?

SONM provides hardware-based and fog-based cloud services. Accordingly, users can obtain cloud storage space through the platform. Purchased cloud storage is much cheaper than traditional cloud services. However, it also has a number of security systems. Because the network uses Blockchain technology, it places more value on privacy than traditional platforms. The features offered by the platform are as follows:

  • A global decentralized marketplace for compute power that requires no ownership, is open source, and is cheaper than centralized cloud providers.
  • It allows companies and individuals to use decentralized computing resources to any extent they need them.
  • It allows hardware owners to profit from leasing information processing power.
  • It creates a believable alternative to cloud computing giants like Google, which currently controls the planet.
  • It creates a platform for future-oriented decentralized applications.

What is SNM? What’s the use?

SNM is the native cryptocurrency of the SONM network. Working with the BEP-20 smart contract, this cryptocurrency is used for various purposes such as rewarding users. Accordingly, those who want to rent information processing power or storage space from the platform pay with SNM. Users who provide information processing and storage space to the network, on the other hand, gain income through this crypto currency. So SNM is the foundation of economics within the network.

What is SONM? How to take SNM?

SONM is currently listed on Binance, Bitget, Bibox and Uniswap exchanges. Investors interested in SNM coin need to access one of these cryptocurrency exchanges. They can then buy cryptocurrencies by depositing money in their wallets.

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