What is Santiment Network Token? What does SAN do?

What is Santiment Network Token? Santiment Network Token (SAN) is a cryptocurrency used within the data platform Santiment. Koindeks.com In this article, we answered the questions of what is Santiment, what is the Santiment Network Token, what is it for, how to get a SAN. Let’s take a look at this cryptocurrency from the respected information feed platform Santiment.

What is centiment?

Santiment, a data platform, shows the real state of the cryptocurrency market. It provides users with content streams and a transparent database about the market. The platform is the first project managed by Cofound and provides a decentralized service for beginners. Santiment basically creates a transparent project database. This gives investors a way to identify and avoid unreliable crowdsourced projects. Users reduce investment risks through the platform. However, they use objective data and content streams to provide trading advantages.

The Santiment platform includes several different information centers to allow access to objective, robust information. The information in these centers is audited by Blockchain experts and only the most accurate information is added to the platform. These are content streams, SANbase and finally data feeds. Content streams provide regular, new market content similar to a newsletter. SANbase works as a crowdsourced database of cryptocurrency projects. Finally, information feeds make it possible to add information from multiple sources to data streams.

What is a Santiment Network Token (SAN)?

Users need Santiment Network Token to access various features within the platform. Santiment Network Token (SAN) is Santiment’s own native cryptocurrency. However, it is basically an ERC-20 token based on the Ethereum Blockchain. This cryptocurrency is required to access Santiment’s ecosystem. Accordingly, SAN appears in all the features and information provided. This token can be held to secure the network and generate a passive income stream. It can also be spent on auctions of private information sets.

What does SAN do?

  • Payments: Users must have a Santiment Network Token (SAN) to access data streams. The token can be redeemed through a subscription service or data auction.
  • Staking: As a SAN owner, it is necessary to stake cryptocurrencies to access some Santiment services. This encourages enterprise partners to massively deploy SANs and further expand the ecosystem, giving access to their own user base.
  • Prize: Users who contribute data to the network receive SAN tokens as a reward. This is what powers crowdsourced data streams.

What is Santiment Network Token? How to get SAN?

SAN is currently traded on Uniswap and Bancor Network exchanges. Investors who want to buy Santiment Network Tokens must be a member of one of these exchanges. After that, interested investors can buy the cryptocurrency by depositing money in their wallets.

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