What is Pluto? What Does PLU Do?

What is Pluto? Pluton (PLU), which makes it possible to reward users for their contributions, is the native token of the Blockchain platform called Plutus. Koindeks.com In this article, we answered the questions of investors such as what is Plutus, what is Pluto, what is PLU good for and how to buy it. Let’s examine together the token used in Plutus, which offers a service like VISA.

What is Plutus?

Plutus is a platform that serves as a bank and exchange in the field of Blockchain and crypto money. The main product of this platform, which works in a decentralized form, is Visa debit cards. Accordingly, every user can request these cards free of charge via Plutus’ website. However, the card is currently only available in the UK and Europe. Basically, the use of this Visa-based card is similar to regular debit cards. However, Plutus’ cards work with crypto money. Users can use these cards in many places such as Netflix, Spotify, Apple Store and Starbucks.

What is Pluto?

Pluton is a cryptocurrency with a number of use cases on the Plutus platform and debit cards. Basically, Pluto is the native token of the Plutus platform. The code for this token is PLU and its main use case is to be distributed as a reward. Also, it is an ERC-20 token running on the Ethereum Blockchain and is the first crypto reward token conceptualized in 2016. All rewards made with Pluto are determined according to the Plutus Reward System. Accordingly, the ecosystem consists of certain user levels.

What does PLU do?

The Plutus Rewards System is based on Visa debit cards. Because this project encourages repayment, the rewards vary according to the measure of expenditure. The minimum reward users can receive is 3% in the form of PLU tokens. Users can also stake their rewards to earn even more. The more tokens a user stakes, the higher the reward percentage. The maximum reward rate on the Plutus platform is 8%. This rate is awarded to users who stake over 2,000 PLUs.

Staking means that a user locks their tokens with a reasonable maturity. Users who lock their assets earn additional rewards at maturity. However, the reward received varies according to the type of subscription, as well as the metric of PLU staked. Everyone has the advantage of earning passive income with staking. However, subscribers get higher reward rates. Released in 2016, the Pluton token changes hands at $9 at the time of writing.

What is Pluto? How to get PLU?

Pluto trades on a number of cryptocurrency exchanges. Interested investors must access and become a member of exchanges such as Coinbase, Huobi Global and KuCoin. After that, they can place a buy order by depositing an asset suitable for PLU parities in their wallets.

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