What is OST? What Does OST Coin Do?

What is OST? OST is a “Blockchain as a service (BaaS)” platform that strives to bring Blockchain technology to the masses. Koindeks.com In this article, we answered the questions of what is OST, what it offers, what is OST coin, what is it for, how to get it. Let’s examine together this project, which aims to establish itself in the field of Blockchain and crypto money.

What is OST?

OST is a BaaS platform based on the Ethereum network. This platform set out to bring Blockchain technology to the masses. For this, the ecosystem allows users to create their branded tokens as they wish. This token creation process takes place without heavy technology knowledge and KYC processes of other Blockchain networks. So OST’s platform makes it possible for brands to create tokens without low software knowledge and authentication processes. This allows brands and other users to use Blockchain technology much more actively.

In addition to brands, the OST ecosystem also provides various services to developers. The platform provides all the APIs and SDKs developers need to create tokens. In addition, the platform also has a crypto wallet, dashboards and protocols related to its ecosystem. All functions of the blockchain network are realized with the help of a cryptocurrency bearing its name. OST coin is a local token that can be used for many purposes around the world.

What kind of services does the project offer?

Currently OST partners currently have over 300 million users. This is because of a set of features that the ecosystem provides. The project can be used by both businesses and consumers in real-world problems. For example, it aims to reduce the congestion of the Ethereum Blockchain. For this, a protocol called OpenST Mosaic has been released. Additionally, the platform relies on consumer apps to build community through a branded token. It has all the NGOs needed for this and makes the process extremely easy.

What is OST coin? What’s the use?

The ecosystem works with a cryptocurrency named OST coin, which bears its name. This digital asset is an ERC-20 token. This token can be used to perform transactions within the Ethereum network in an extremely fast form. However, brands that want to create tokens have to pay with this digital asset to access the platform’s NGOs and APIs.

How to get OST coins?

OST coin is currently only listed on the Gate.io exchange. The mentioned cryptocurrency was listed on many exchanges, including Binance, in 2018. However, it was delisted in the following years. Investors who want to buy cryptocurrencies today should be a member of the Gate.io exchange and follow the buying steps on the parity where OST is processed.

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