What is OCD? What Does OKB Coin Do?

What is OCD? OKB coin is a global service token with various use cases, released by cryptocurrency exchange OKX. Koindeks.com In this article, we will examine OCD. In addition, we will answer questions such as what is OKX, what is OKB coin, what is it for, how to get it, which are curious by investors. Now, let’s examine this crypto money together, which is a stock market token such as BNB and HT.

What is OKX?

Before moving on to OKB coin, we need to examine the OKX exchange. For those who don’t know, OKX is an innovative cryptocurrency exchange with advanced financial offers. It serves millions of users worldwide in more than 180 regions. The platform provides users with cutting-edge crypto trading experience and utility services. Users can trade spot, margin and derivatives with this exchange. They also have a number of advantages such as accessing DeFi artifacts via the Web3 wallet. The platform covers many items from NFTs to dApps.

What is OKB coin?

OKB coin is a global service token jointly released by OKX and OK Blockchain. OKX is located in the middle of the largest crypto exchanges in the world. Accordingly, it currently ranks third in liquidity and fourth in trading volume. Many aspects of OKX are similar to the features of Binance, the largest cryptocurrency exchange. But it also has a few valuable differences. OKB’s intended purpose is to provide access to various services on this exchange. The asset is currently hosted on OK Blockchain and Ethereum.

What does OCD do?

OKB coin plays a valuable role in the OKX ecosystem. It allows users to get up to 40% discount on processes. This discount rate varies according to the size of tokens owned by users. At this point, the exchange divides users into 2 status sets: regular and VIP. Regular users get a discount based on how many coins they hold. VIP users, on the other hand, get a discount rate according to the process measures. That is, in addition to boards, users also receive discounts based on their rank.

However, holders of the token can also earn passive income through the “Earn” category on OKX. The rate of return earned by coin holders is higher than for ordinary users. Finally, the asset can also enjoy a number of benefits to participate in pre-token sales of high-quality crypto projects. With a supply of 300 million units, the cryptocurrency is currently the 37th largest cryptocurrency.

What is OKB coin? How to take

In addition to OKX, OKB coin is also listed on crypto exchanges such as MEXC, Hotcoin and XT. Interested investors should sign up for one of these exchanges and deposit an asset in their wallets relative to OKB’s trading pairs. Those who do this can buy the asset by placing a purchase order for crypto money.

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