What is MVL? What Does MVL Coin Do?

What is MVL? Launched in 2018, MVL is a platform that powers Web3 as a blockchain-based ecosystem of tools. Koindeks.com We will review MVL in this article. In addition, we will answer questions such as what MVL is, what it offers, what is MVL coin for, and how to buy it, which is the subject of curiosity among investors. Let’s examine together this project, which focuses on the Web3 concept, which is defined as the “future of the internet”.

What is MVL?

MVL is a Blockchain platform running on Ethereum and BNB Chain. This platform serves as an ecosystem of tools. In other words, it makes it possible for users to access mobility vehicles such as motorcycles, trucks, cars. The main goal of MVL is to power the emerging new Internet, Web3, using tools. Employees in the mobility branch can participate in this network. Those who do this have all the rights to the works and services they create. The platform is built on a fair income economy.

MVL receives mobility information in a transparent form. It then integrates all mobility-related services into a single framework. It does this through Blockchain technology. It allows users to record all activities for a particular vehicle and prevents these records from being corrupted or damaged. Only vehicle owners can access the data stored on the blockchain. Those who allow the vehicle’s information to be stored on the blockchain are rewarded. The information of the vehicle includes information such as driving, repair, vehicle management, maintenance, transportation services.

What does MVL offer?

MVL basically covers tools. These vehicles, automobiles, motorcycles, etc. it could be. The platform currently has a courier system consisting of motorcycles. This courier system works for fetching. Users can shop for groceries through the platform called “Fresh Market”. However, MVL’s ecosystem also has features for calling tools. With the application called TADA, users can rent a car with crypto money payment. In addition, the platform has a supply network of trucks and an electric vehicle.

What is MVL coin? What’s the use?

MVL coin is the native cryptocurrency of the MVL ecosystem. Working with ERC-20 and BEP-20 smart contracts, this cryptocurrency allows users in MVL to make payments. Accordingly, users can use it for purposes such as using the supply chain, renting a car, bringing the items purchased online through couriers to the residence and purchasing electric vehicles. In addition, people such as courier and driver serving on the platform can receive rewards with this crypto money. Rewards include employees as well as those who record their vehicle information on the Blockchain.

How to get MVL coins?

MVL coin is currently listed on crypto exchanges MEXC, Upbit, Uniswap (V2), Poloniex and Biswap. Interested investors should subscribe to these exchanges and follow the buying steps for crypto money.

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