What is Monnos? What Does MNS Do?

What is Monnos? Monnos (MNS) is a social digital asset trading platform that crypto investors join to increase their profits. Koindeks.com In this article, we will examine the Monnos platform. In addition, we will answer questions such as what Monnos is, what it offers, what is MNS coin, what is it for, how to get it, which are wondered by investors. Let’s take a look at this trading platform that aims to increase cryptocurrency returns.

What is Monnos?

Monnos is a social trading platform where traders and crypto users connect themselves and increase their chances of profiting in this ecosystem. Monnos’ mission is to personalize ease of use and crypto adoption through sharing knowledge and performance. For this, the platform has released a utility token called MNS. MNS token holders enjoy a number of benefits within the platform. However, the platform also has various works and services of its own. These services help increase returns.

What does Monnos offer?

With the Monnos platform, users can access over a hundred cryptocurrencies. This access includes purchasing, storing and using assets for various DeFi purposes. For example, users can trade in the middle of all assets, regardless of parity, thanks to the “Quick Buy Crypto” function. In addition, the platform also offers credit card services to its users. Users living in the Eurozone can request these cards free of charge. Cards allow cryptocurrencies to be spent in the real world.

Additionally, Monnos works with the Proof-of-Stake consensus system. Accordingly, the ecosystem allows users to staking tokens. This is an investment procedure that is very similar to interest. Users lock their tokens into the platform’s pools with a certain maturity. Accordingly, when the maturity expires, they earn a certain amount of rewards. The reward received varies according to the platform, the size of the token deposited and the length of the maturity. The ecosystem currently offers rewards up to 9.6% APY.

What is MNS? What’s the use?

MNS is the utility token of the Monnos platform. With this ERC-20 token launched on Ethereum, users gain access to a range of benefits and use cases on the DeFi platform. MNS token holders receive discounts on trading prices. Provides priority access to special features published on the platform. However, they benefit more from monthly bonuses and access special promotions than ordinary users. Finally, their stake in stake rewards is greater. So investing in the MNS token allows to further increase the interest in Monnos.

What is Monnos? How to get MNS?

Monnos is currently listed on the Probit Global exchange. Interested investors are required to become a member of this exchange, complete the KYC process, deposit an asset in their wallet relative to MNS parities, and place a purchase order for the token. It is possible to buy the asset in this state on the exchange. However, investors can also acquire crypto money directly on Monnos’ platform.

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