What is MimbleWimbleCoin? What Does MWC Do?

What is MimbleWimbleCoin? MimbleWimbleCoin (MWC) is a MimbleWimble-based cryptocurrency that works with pure Proof-of-Work. Koindeks.com In this article, we focus on the MimbleWimbleCoin project. In addition, we answer the questions of investors such as what is MimbleWimble, what is MimbleWimbleCoin, what is MWC for and how to buy it. Let’s examine together this crypto money project, which offers a high level of closure and scalability.

What is MimbleWimble?

Before we move on to MimbleWimbleCoin, we need to examine the MimbleWimble network. MimbleWimble, named after the language binding spell in Harry Potter, is an implication and scalability protocol distributed on the Litecoin network. MimbleWimble’s main goal is to provide process privacy. Blockchains like Litecoin are pretty transparent by default, as each process discloses the sender and recipient addresses, as well as the metric being sent. This is the basis of longstanding tacit concerns.

What is MimbleWimbleCoin?

MikleWimbleCoin (MWC) is a platform based on the MimbleWimble protocol. Accordingly, the platform serves its users with high scalability, security and process confidentiality. With a terminated maximum supply of 20 million units, MWC provides better network scalability than legacy Blockchains. The asset, which was released in November 2019, retains process information. This is a feature not included in Blockchain networks like Bitcoin. The traceability of the processes has led to the emergence of privacy problems of the users.

What does MWC do?

MimbleWimbleCoin (MWC) is a cryptocurrency that uses the MimbleWimble protocol for enhanced privacy and scalability. The main features of the protocol are implicit processes and elliptic curve cryptography. MWC can be extracted with the Proof-of-Work system using the Groestl algorithm. In other words, it is a cryptocurrency that can be mined. In addition, MWC has a valuable place as the first digital asset to implement the MimbleWimble protocol. MimbleWimbleCoin offers a number of advantages over other digital currencies. Accordingly, it works as an open source, decentralized cryptocurrency.

For starters, presence is built on the basis of privacy and anonymity. The processes on the MimbleWimbleCoin network are designed to be difficult to trace and ensure users remain anonymous. Additionally, MimbleWimbleCoin offers scalability and efficiency. Because it is not based on a Blockchain, cryptocurrency can handle multiple processes without paying valuable prices. Finally, the altcoin is designed to be resistant to quantum computing attacks.

What is MimbleWimbleCoin? How to get MWC?

MimbleWimbleCoin is currently traded only on the TradeOgre exchange. Interested investors should first access this exchange. Afterwards, they have to become a member of the exchange and complete the KYC processes. After doing this, they should deposit an asset suitable for their MWC trading pair through their account. Thus, they can complete the process by placing a purchase order for crypto money on the relevant parity.

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