What is IQeon? What Does IQN Do?

What is IQeon? IQeon (IQN) is a blockchain platform of various games that allows users to earn income by playing games. Koindeks.com In this article, we answered the questions of what is IQeon, what it offers, what is IQN coin, what is it for, how to get it. Let’s examine together this Blockchain platform, which makes it possible to earn money by playing games.

What is IQeon?

IQeon is a Europe-based start-up company that develops the latest technological products in the field of gaming and Blockchain. This company has a blockchain-based gaming platform with its own name. Built on the Ethereum network, this gaming platform allows users to earn revenue by playing games. There are many games on the platform and these games are in different categories. For example, while a game is about building, the glutton can have a council on fighting.

However, all games are based on PVP. PVP, which means player against player, is an extremely competitive game model. Users try to rise by competing with each other in these games. Every player who succeeds within the blockchain platform IQeon is rewarded with cryptocurrencies. In other words, within this decentralized ecosystem, players can earn returns.

What does IQeon offer?

IQeon is a PVP and P2E based gaming platform that helps players earn tokens for their achievements. The platform includes games, applications and services based on intellectual competition among users. Users can play these games without the need to register on the platform. However, it is necessary to be a member to participate in PVP tournaments where rewards are given. Currently, the ecosystem hosts more than 20 browser-based games. But it also aims to reach portable users in the future.

What is IQN? What’s the use?

IQN is a valuable service segment of the IQeon ecosystem. This is an Ethereum-based ERC-20 token and powers the platform. Accordingly, the token allows users to run smart contracts on the Ethereum network on Iqeon. However, the cryptocurrency also has a number of other use cases for rewarding users within the blockchain-based gaming platform. In other words, users who are successful in games within the ecosystem earn IQN in return.

What is IQeon? How to get IQN?

With many use cases on the IQeon platform, IQN is currently traded on various cryptocurrency exchanges. The token is currently trading on crypto exchanges such as BitGlobal and EXMO. Investors interested in the asset should access one of these exchanges. After that, they must become a member of the exchange and verify their memberships. Investors who do this can place a purchase order for the token by depositing an asset in their wallets relative to IQN trading pairs.

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