What is Internxt? What Does INXT Do?

What is internxt? Built on blockchain technology, Internxt (INXT) is a privacy-focused, decentralized cloud storage service. Koindeks.com In this article, we have answered the questions asked by investors such as what Internxt is, what it offers, what is INXT, what it does, and how to buy it. Let’s examine this project, which offers decentralized cloud storage service, together.

What is internxt?

Internxt is a decentralized cloud storage service that focuses on tacit and security. The company’s X Core software powers its decentralized storage application called X Cloud. The group argues that current cloud storage solutions rely too heavily on centralized structures. Internxt’s decentralized Blockchain model is a hybrid system of private and public cloud systems. This mechanism increases the privacy, security, and speed of the cloud storage system.

How did the project come about?

Current cloud storage services are highly centralized. Services such as Google Clouds and OneDrive allow users to store data up to a certain document size for free. However, these data stored in the cloud services of the companies are available for use. For example, Google can serve ads determined according to the data saved by users in the cloud. The Internxt project is a Blockchain-based ecosystem that focuses on these issues. The company challenges centralized systems by creating its own cloud service.

What does Internxt offer?

Internxt provides four main advantages with its Blockchain-based storage approach. Documents stored in the X Cloud service are encrypted and distributed over the network. That is, confidentiality is guaranteed. This one-to-one distributed approach to data storage also provides security. Accordingly, it does not leave a single storage position to attack hackers. The information processing power of the system is spread over many different individual computers instead of a central server. Therefore, it is a low cost and extremely fast service.

What is INXT? What’s the use?

INXT is the native cryptocurrency of the Internxt project. The project accepts both US dollars and INXT for its services. INXT collected from payments is then distributed to hosts participating in the X Cloud network. Users can purchase cloud storage services with this cryptocurrency. Those who buy storage space gain the advantage of securely storing their documents such as photos, documents and images. However, users can earn INXT by providing network storage service with their own computers.

What is internxt? How to get INXT?

Internxt is currently trading on a number of cryptocurrency exchanges. In the middle of these exchanges are YoBit, LATOKEN, Bittrex and Mercatox. Investors who want to buy INXT must be a member of one of these exchanges. Fully registered members can complete the purchase process by depositing an asset in their wallets according to the parity of the cryptocurrency.

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