What is HEROcoin? What Does PLAY Do?

HEROcoin is a Blockchain Token based on the ETH network, DApps, a true stepping stone to the peer-to-peer online betting communities and allowing users to place bets on any space. In this article, as Koindeks.com, “What is HEROcoin?” We will answer the question. In addition to these, we will touch on all the questions about the project.

What is HEROcoin? What does PLAY do?

PLAY is an ERC-20 Token designed to enable providers to integrate the Token into their platform. The one-on-one platform also allows any participant to create their own custom races. Processes are provided in a transparent manner as the smart contract automates transactions for payments to guarantee a faithless ecosystem. At the same time, the PLAY Coin platform rewards players, game creators and the community. 1% of all pot profits are returned to the HERO ecosystem.

What are the features of HEROcoin?

  • PLAY creates security, transparency and faith previously unknown to the other online betting world.
  • In the HERO network, a random user can create a new match. At the same time, the race allows betting on the outcome of an activity on the platform. Users who create competitions are called “Providers”. It can also add some difference to the network with various races.
  • Customization is also allowed in the PLAY network. Users can configure a certain percentage of their rewards specifically in the race. These awards are called “Provider awards”. At the same time, this award is an incentive for users to identify themselves as providers.
  • According to the project’s Whitepaper, “The provider itself can also offer incentives for its community by rewarding various actions with PLAY.”
  • Providers that create new competitions via the platform can enhance the HERO network with different competitions, with the ability to set a customized reward percentage. This provider reward encourages other community members to become providers and take advantage of the compensation they receive for creating a race.

What are the analyzes offered by the project?

  • Unfair terms:Bahts are created by experts based on a large number of private data that are not publicly disclosed.
  • Lack of transparency and faith: Central authorities control payments. This ensures that money flows are not transparent.
  • No social dynamics:Social dynamics are lost because the middlemen who appear on the platform prevent direct interaction between peers.

What is HEROCoin? How to buy PLAY?

Exchanges processed with PLAY; BKEX and KuCoin. To purchase coins, these steps are followed: First, access the web/mobile application of the exchange listing PLAY you have chosen as the first step. Then complete the account opening steps. Complete the next step, the authentication and approval process. Follow the steps of the exchange, which is another step, to deposit funds. As the last step, choose PLAY with the balance you want and create a purchase order. Keep it in your credible accounts.

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