What is HedgeTrade? What Does HEDG Do?

HedgeTrade Coin is designed for inexperienced traders who want to do the same processes as professionals. HEDG describes itself as a “social investment platform”. In this article, as Koindeks.com, “What is HedgeTrade?” We will answer the question. In addition to these, we will touch on all the issues that are curious about the project.

What is HedgeTrade? What does HEDG do?

Thanks to this platform, HEDG users can share their investment information and recommendations with other users. HedgeTrade aims to introduce innovations in the fields of social investment using Blockchain technology. HedgeTrade’s CEO is David Waslen, an MBA from London Business School. Waslen, who is also the founder and is a part of the company, is accompanied by Peter Danihel, an expert in application development and construction technologies. Its platform’s own cryptocurrency is HEDG.

The HedgeTrade platform is designed for all users to become world class traders. HedgeTrade users can use the platform quickly, regardless of whether they are a professional or a new investor. Also, you don’t need a special device for the platform. You can simply start using HedgeTrade on the device of your choice. At the same time, real-time data and market information are shared on the platform.

Therefore, investors can access instant prices and information. This erodes the fear of “waste of time” that is highly valued in the cryptocurrency market. In particular, the platform rewards users according to whether HedgeTrade estimates hold or not. Therefore, it is ensured that more precise estimations are shared on the platform. This is achieved through smart contracts built on Blockchain. In addition, HedgeTrade provides high security and transparency while performing all these processes.

How to buy HEDG?

The largest exchanges traded with HEDG; Bittrex is HitBTC, CoinTiger is ProBit Global. To buy coins, these steps are followed:

First, access the web/mobile application of the HEDG-listing exchange you selected as the first step. Then complete the account opening steps. Complete the next step, the authentication and approval process. Follow the steps of the exchange, which is the next step, to deposit funds. As the last step, select the HEDG with the balance you want and create a purchase order. Store it in your secure accounts.

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