What is Green Satoshi Token (GST)?

Green Satoshi Token (GST) is the in-app cryptocurrency of the STEPN Move-to-Earn project that appeared in Australia in August 2021.

STEPN is, to put it in easy form, a cross between an NFT marketplace, a win-to-play game, and a fitness app. If you want to start using the system, you must have an NFT. You can buy or rent them outright, in which case the owner gets a share of your rewards.

STEPN’s Move-to-Earn concept encourages users to move around and engage in physical activities such as jogging and walking. Move-to-Earn apps reward their users with cryptocurrencies in exchange for their physical movement. In this way, users have the opportunity to earn money while doing sports and staying healthy.

These apps can often detect users’ physical activity even before they are online. However, many Move-to-Earn platforms require a certain amount of money to be deposited before you can start generating income. STEPN also works in this form. To earn income with STEPN, users must first purchase an NFT sneaker. Afterwards, users can earn token rewards by performing physical activities such as walking and running.

The most notable modes in GST Coin are as follows:

  • Solo Mode (a player earns GST due to movement, the number of tokens earned depends on physical activity and rarity of NFT shoes).
  • Marathon Mode (online marathons are weekly and monthly events, registration required at least 24 hours before the start).
  • Background Mode (users earn income with GST tokens just by buying a pair of sneakers, background mode works even if the app is disabled without reducing the durability of the sneakers).

NFTs have a different quality, features and Gem Socket, update is done by burning GST tokens, feature points and NFT Gems can be added to improve performance.

Users can create a sneaker box, or “Shoebox”, by bringing two sneakers into one. As a result, a Shoebox owner gets a random NFT Sneaker. Using the NFT Marketplace built into the app, users can trade everything they own and rent NFTs if needed.

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