What is GNY? What Does GNY Do?

GNY describes itself as a proven machine collectible claim platform for Blockchain. It identifies the repeatable patterns and learning components of the GNY that consistently align with behavior. In this article, as Koindeks.com, “What is GNY?” We will answer the question. In addition to these, we will touch on all the bets that are curious about the project.

What is GNY? What’s the use?

GNY , It can predict the behavior of a random user. Thus, it claims that it will be targeted with contextual statements that can direct the desired movements. The network is particularly powered by some of the high process speeds and low costs of a random Blockchain platform.

It also provides scalability. GNY Coin’s patented machine learning identifies repeatable patterns and learning components that are always in tune with ever-changing human behavior. It does this by responding to millions of independent variable properties, while specifically using hundreds of machine learning algorithms in parallel to assert identified business costs.

What is GNY Token?

The local cryptocurrency of the GNY ecosystem is the GNY Token. It took place on the market in the spring of 2021. GNY Mainnet is a powerful tool for the community that can be used by anyone who needs an assertive platform for their business.

Who are the Founders of GNY?

Cosmas is the founder and CEO of GNY. Cosmas is a London-based technology investor and entrepreneur who has founded companies for over 20 years. He has his roots as a corporate finance and private equity lawyer in London and Singapore and has worked with companies large and small around the world. He has a broad background in corporate structures, business strategies and practices, investment and intellectual property.

How to buy GNY?

The largest exchanges that can be traded with GNY; BitMart is Uniswap(V2), Bittrex, Sushiswap, EXMO. To buy coins, these steps are followed:

First of all, access the web/mobile application of the GNY-listing exchange you selected as the first step. Then complete the account opening steps. Complete the next step, the authentication and approval process. Follow the steps of the exchange, which is the next step, to deposit money. As the last step, choose GNY for the balance you want and create a purchase order. Store it in your secure accounts.

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