What is GeoCoin? What Does GEO Do?

Geocoin is a well-known game used in the treasure hunting hobby called Geocaching. Everyone involved in the game follows shared clues using GPS. Solving riddles and the end of these processes are called “Cache” or “Geocaching”. Time is an outdoor game with no place endings. In this article, as Koindeks.com, “What is GeoCoin?” We will answer the question. In addition to these, we will touch on all the issues that are curious about the project.

What is GeoCoin? What does GEO do?

Treasures in the game are hidden by other players. The coordinates of the treasure are usually entered into the system with riddles. The game can be enriched with many nature sports such as hiking, climbing and diving. GeoCoin creates a fun blockchain gaming experience that rewards healthy lifestyles by promoting outdoor sports. Geocaching started as a hobby when GPS devices first offered a tracking technology that could detect objects with precise coordinates. He followed closely on Geocoin.

On September 20, 2001, Moun10bike Version 1 Geocoin #002 is the first active Geocoin. Up to this point, Geocachers may have used Tokens on different stash sites, but they did not issue Tokens with serial tracking numbers. Today, Mount10bike geographies are highly prized in the midst of the Geocaching community. In addition, the most expensive series is known as the Version 1 series. The emergence of Geocoin gave rise to other traceable Geocache treasures. Geocoins are traceable. It can also be activated through various Geocaching sites. Many geographic areas show which site they are active on, making it easy for people to keep track of money. GeoCoin is an ERC-20 Token hosted on the Ubiq network.

What makes Geocoin unique?

The main aim of the GeoCoin project is to bring GIS and Geo technologies to Blockchain. By combining GeoCashing technology with Blockchain, players earn crypto while exploring their local environment. The popularity of this type of real-world games has grown considerably in recent years.

GEO drops stores collection notices. It also makes it possible to add additional rewards and assets such as online gift cards, coupon codes and potentially NFTs in the near future. Another main goal of the GeoCoin project is to promote the mass adoption of Blockchain technologies through gaming. GeoCoin is free to use and open to everyone.

What is a treasure?

Geochaing is a waterproof plastic box that is called a treasure and is aimed to be found. If in the box; log book, pen and mostly surprises.

What is GeoCoin? How to buy?

GeoCoin can be purchased using Bitcoin on Bittrex.

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