What is Foresting? What Does PTON Do?

What is forestry? Foresting (PTON) is a community-focused blockchain project that focuses on decentralized social media and Web3. Koindeks.com In this article, we answered the questions of what is Foresting, what it offers, what is PTON, what it does, and how to get it. Let’s examine this project together with the delegation on networking, interaction and relationship building.

What is forestry?

Traditional social media platforms work with a completely centralized structure. However, it gives various content producers the opportunity to earn income at certain rates. However, these networks pay a very small amount to the creator compared to their own profits. It also uses users’ information to show them customized ads. Discussions such as information closure and social media monopolization are in the midst of the main issues Web3 aims to change. Foresting is a project that aims to solve these problems.

Basically, Foresting is a decentralized social media platform on Blockchain technology. Users can interact with other users within this platform. The Ethereum-based platform consists of a Forest (community) working on concepts for networking and relationship building. The ecosystem has a number of advantages for users to benefit from their social media posts. The entire platform is more about content creation and profit making.

What does Foresting offer?

One of the biggest issues in social media is the transparency of information. Users often do not earn returns for their content. While some users may earn revenue, only the top 5% of content pages are covered. With Foresting, users leverage cryptocurrency technology to get paid for their content. Foresting’s system focuses more on content creation and user voting system.

This is smoother than traffic content evaluation on traditional social media platforms and allows them to share information in a decentralized way. Foresting appeals to those who are interested in social media platforms and want to profit from it. It is also noteworthy as it does not sell user information for advertisements. It also bases all kinds of images, texts, visuals and live broadcasts and creates a social network based on a content-oriented reward service.

What is PTON? What’s the use?

PTON is the native cryptocurrency of the Foresting ecosystem. This ERC-20 token is the only means of payment used to reward users. Accordingly, users obtain PTON at reasonable rates by producing content, interacting and establishing relationships within the social media platform. The size of the token obtained depends on the size of the interaction and the historical data of the account. However, the token also allows for decentralized management of the ecosystem.

What is forestry? How to get PTON?

PTON is not currently traded on any cryptocurrency exchange. Therefore, users who want to invest in the Foresting project should visit the project’s website. Visiting users can follow the purchase steps on the site.

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