What is FMPAY? What Does FME Token Do?

What is FMPAY? FMPAY (FME) is a blockchain-based wallet ecosystem focused on solving a number of problems in the cryptocurrency space. Koindeks.com In this article, we have answered frequently asked questions such as what FMPAY is, what it offers, what is FME Token, what it does and how to get it. Let’s examine this crypto wallet project together.

What is FMPAY?

FMPAY is a cryptocurrency wallet built on the Ethereum Blockchain. This wallet features multiple crypto wallets, virtual bank account/card and cross-border asset transfer system. FMPAY aims to stay ahead of its competitors through these features it offers. It also aims to overthrow classical banking. Thus, it makes cryptocurrencies available for mass adoption and use on a global scale.

In fact, the project set out to solve some of the issues in the area of ​​storing and transferring cryptocurrencies. According to the group, although Blockchain creates a revolution in the field of technology, it must experience some developments to replace the classical banking system. In the middle of these problems that need to be resolved are slow transfer speeds, long and cumbersome process processes, lack of tacitness and ease of transfer. Wallet has made some strides in solving these problems, which you can find below.

What does FMPAY offer?

The FMPAY ecosystem addresses the aforementioned issues. To solve these, FMPAY offers a cryptocurrency payment system based on off-chain matching processes. This system makes it possible to provide liquidity to mid-chain cryptocurrency transfers. Thus, the wallet solves the issues of speed, cost and scalability. In addition, the wallet uses the classical banking system as well as cryptocurrencies. Accordingly, the ecosystem also offers a debit card to its users.

As for other advantages, FMPAY relies on cross-border and mid-chain payments. It does this with its feature called FMPAY Gateway. Wallet encrypts all processes of users, thus providing tacit and security. However, gas prices paid in processes within the ecosystem are extremely low. In the middle, you need to acquire the network’s local asset, the FME token, in order to access some of the benefits in the wallet.

What is FME? What’s the use?

FME is the native cryptocurrency of the FMPAY wallet. This cryptocurrency is used to perform processes such as transfer and payment within the ecosystem. To make a process, users have to pay the gas price determined by the platform. These gas prices are paid in FME tokens. In this middle, the FME regulation is fixed. In other words, the higher the number of users in the wallet, the higher the price of the FME token. Thus, token holders can take advantage of the growth of the platform.

What is FMPAY? How to get FME?

Individuals who want to invest in the FMPAY project must become a member of the exchanges where the FME token is listed and verify their account. The FME token is currently only traded on the Alterdice cryptocurrency exchange. Users who are members of this exchange can buy tokens by depositing money in their wallets. In this middle, FME can also be purchased through FMPAY itself.

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