What is Faceter? What Does FACE Do?

What is Faceter? Faceter (FACE) is a decentralized blockchain project focused on digital surveillance that aims to make cameras smart. Koindeks.com In this article, we answered the questions of what Faceter is, what it offers, what is FACE, what it does, and how to get it. Let’s examine together this project, which makes the supervision decentralized with the new generation data-oriented technology, such as machine learning.

What is Faceter?

Faceter (FACE) is a blockchain project that advertises itself as “the first decentralized oversight system for consumers.” The project uses technology such as advanced face detection, object detection and real-time image analysis. By doing this, it transmits information to the cameras. This makes image surveillance smart and information driven. The features loaded into the cameras enable them to understand the situation and respond. In this way, all customers receive much more adequate security service.

Faceter has a Blockchain-based smart vision technology. This technology is powered by a decentralized miner network. Miners make this artifact affordable for businesses and mass market consumers. However, the network uses the Proof-of-Work consensus system. That is, miners mine through the CPU power of their own computers. Miners earn income through cryptocurrency in return for their efforts. However, the network places utmost importance on security and user privacy.

What does Faceter offer?

Video-based surveillance systems are a growing market. As of 2022, the total cost of the industry is 75.64 billion dollars. Faceter (FACE) aims to make this market a decentralized, reliable, fast and smart place. The artifacts offered by the platform allow customers to maintain their shops and residences in a much more convenient way. In addition, customers do not have to worry about privacy and confidentiality thanks to Faceter’s technology. Because the network uses a model called access border networks to divide tasks.

What is FACE? What’s the use?

FACE is the native cryptocurrency of the Faceter network. Built on the Ethereum Blockchain, this ERC-20 token is the fuel of the network. Users and customers can use this token for a number of purposes. Accordingly, the main use case of cryptocurrency is payments. It is possible to pay for Faceter’s security services by FACE or credit card. However, the platform converts your assets into FACE no matter which way you pay. However, the token also allows to reward miners.

What is Faceter? How to get FACE?

The Faceter token is currently traded only on the HitBTC exchange. Investors who want to buy FACE need to access this stock market. They can then purchase FACE by following the steps to become a member and purchase tokens.

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