What is EQIFI? What Does EQX Do?

What is EQIFI? EQIFI is a licensed, regulated and internationally operating Blockchain project in collaboration with EQIBank. Koindeks.com In this article, we have answered frequently asked questions such as what is EQIFI, what it offers, what is EQX, what it does, and how to get it. Let’s examine together this project, which provides banking services using crypto money and Blockchain technology.

What is EQIFI?

EQIFI is a blockchain project launched as a global DeFi alternative to classical financial works. This project is supported by EQIBank, one of the largest digital banks in the world. EQIBank has more than 15 years of experience in global markets. In addition, it has reached a transaction volume of around USD 2.5 billion in cumulative payment. The Bank currently serves its customers in 180 different countries.

EQIFI has made more than 36 strategic partners, with 6 works in August 2021. Subsequently, the project has been listed by over 17 cryptocurrency exchanges. The project covers DeFi artifacts such as lending, borrowing and staking through the pool. It also works as a decentralized exchange (DEX) for ERC-20 tokens and fiat currencies such as ETH, wBTC and Stablecoins. Finally, users can obtain credit cards with which they can spend cryptocurrencies with the project.

What does EQIFI offer?

EQIFI combines Blockchain and cryptocurrency technology with classical banking. Accordingly, the project offers a range of banking services. Among these services offered are borrowing, lending and using credit cards. Users can borrow on any asset they want through the pools inside the platform. In addition, they can pay with crypto assets anywhere in the world with EQIFI Card.

In addition, users can participate in the credit ecosystem by investing their own assets in the platform’s pools. Those who do so lend their cryptocurrencies to other users. Thus, they can earn passive income over the interest income. Apart from loans, EQIFI has a yield aggregator tool. This tool searches for the best cryptocurrencies to invest in for you. Users can profit up to 70% using the yield aggregator.

What is EQX? What’s the use?

EQX is the native cryptocurrency of the EQIFI platform. Built on Ethereum with the ERC-20 smart contract, this cryptocurrency is also available in a BEP-20 version on the BNB Chain. This token has a number of use cases inside EQIFI and powers the platform. Accordingly, EQX offers a number of advantages and features such as rewarding users, staking, discounts on works and services, governance and higher process limit.

What is EQIFI? How to take EQX?

EQIFI is currently trading on cryptocurrency exchanges such as XT.com, KuCoin, Gate.io and HitBTC. Interested investors should access one of these exchanges and follow the suggested steps. Thus, they can buy EQX by creating an account to buy cryptocurrencies.

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