What is Einsteinium? What Does EMC2 Do?

What is Einsteinium? Einsteinium (EMC2) is a blockchain project launched by a non-profit organization. Koindeks.com In this article, we answered questions such as what Einsteinium is, what it offers, what is EMC2, what it does, and how to get it. Let’s take a look at this project that supports world-class research together.

What is Einsteinium?

Einsteinium is the world’s first nonprofit powered by cryptocurrencies. This organization aims to support scientific research and aid around the world. This assistance covers special projects and fund flows. Scientific advances are extremely valuable for civilization. However, funding for this type of work has been declining in recent years. The organization, which took a direct step on this issue, launched the Foundation Awards for scientists.

Accordingly, scientists can obtain the funds they need to implement their ideas by applying to the organization. There are no random restrictions on which projects are eligible. However, the organization also has various criteria such that the applied project is scientific, includes a development and innovation, and benefits humanity. It is a priority for the projects to be funded to have the goal of building a better future for people. Einsteinium uses Blockchain and the EMC2 cryptocurrency to achieve its ambitions.

What is EMC2?

EMC2 is a decentralized and open source cryptocurrency released by the Einsteinium foundation. This cryptocurrency uses the Proof-of-Work (PoW) encryption algorithm. It is very similar to Bitcoin with its PoW model and open source structure. However, it differs from BTC in its basic use cases. EMC2 is a cryptocurrency that can be used for any purpose. However, the main use case includes giving for science, philanthropy, and political causes.

Launched in 2014, the token can also be used as a medium of exchange. According to the project’s website, crypto money is in process on many large exchanges. So it is possible to buy and sell the asset globally. However, EMC2 is a deflationary cryptocurrency. That is, its supply is adjusted to increase in value over time. Users can also use cryptocurrencies as a store of value due to its deflationary nature. Finally, the token also supports atomic swaps.

What is Einsteinium? How to get EMC2?

According to CoinMarketCap information, Einsteinium is currently only trading on the Bittrex exchange. Users wishing to purchase the token should therefore access the Bittrex exchange. Investors should then sign up to the exchange and follow the suggested steps to verify the account they have created. Users who do this can purchase cryptocurrencies by depositing an asset suitable for EMC2 parities in their wallets.

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