What is eBoost? What Does EBST Do?

What is eBoost? eBoost (EBST) is a Blockchain platform built for esports players to play games in a professional environment. Koindeks.com In this article, we answered the questions of what is eBoost, what it offers, what is EBST coin, what is it for, how to get it. Let’s examine this game-based platform that serves e-sportsmen together.

What is eBoost?

The esports industry relies heavily on player versus player and multiplayer engagements. However, the economics of the industry depends on individuals watching e-sports events. These individuals place bets on their favorite squads or players and watch them. This paves the way for the area to earn advertising revenue. Currently, many games have their own reward schemes for various bets. However, there has always been a need for a single currency uniting games on a single platform.

eBoost is a Blockchain project that was launched to take place exactly at this point. Bringing the esports industry to Blockchain, the platform is built on BNB Chain. Players can interact with traders and viewers within this platform. This interaction; It includes collaboration, competition, monitoring and learning. Users can watch their favorite e-sports players and groups via eBoost. They can also place bets on squads.

What does eBoost offer?

eBoost allows competitive players to bet on their personal matches in skill-based games. It can be used around the world with various targets for betting on e-sports events. The token aims to be adopted as the official cryptocurrency for many upcoming games in the esports space. Games such as ‘Beyond The Void’ have started to prefer their own kind of crypto currency. Therefore, it is possible for a generic esports cryptocurrency to hit the market in the future.

However, on eBoost, developers can develop their own Blockchain-based games. In addition to betting, tracking and interaction, developer footing is a feature that puts the platform ahead of its competitors. Moreover, the project has adopted an extremely user-friendly application interface. This ensures that even foreign players in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space can join the platform.

What is EBST? What’s the use?

EBST is a BEP-20-based utility token released by eBoost. This token makes it easy to bet on player-to-player matches. In addition, it has a structure open to use as an in-game crypto currency. To date, a number of crypto-based games have adopted EBST as their native cryptocurrency. However, EBST is a cryptocurrency that does not incur costs such as the process price in its use. This makes it extremely easy to bet on games.

What is eBoost? How to take EBST?

eBoost is currently traded on Bittrex and Binance DEX. Interested investors must access and become a member of one of these exchanges. After that, they can buy the token by depositing an asset suitable for EBST parities in their wallets.

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