What is DomRaider? What Does DRT Do?

What is DomRaider? DomRaider (DRT) is a Blockchain project that aims to beautify auctions for NFT assets. Koindeks.com In this article, we answered the questions of what is DomRaider, what it offers, what is DRT, what it does, and how to get it. Let’s examine together this Blockchain-based project, which aims to make NFT trading better.

What is DomRaider?

DomRaider is a Blockchain platform that supports NFT asset trading and auctions. This platform, which is based on the Ethereum network, aims to make the auction processes more fair, decentralized and open source. However, the platform doesn’t just record auctions and bids. It provides an innovative analysis for all auctions worldwide. It does this through a platform that can be adapted without sacrificing speed, has faith and has the ability to work together.

The network also allows the participation of all individuals who have a valuable role in the auction process. These include live auctioneers, valuators, delivery services and online auction providers. These individuals offer their services through DomRaider. They also contribute to the Blockchain network through these services. At this point, DRT, the local cryptocurrency of the platform, comes to the fore.

What does DomRaider offer?

Auctions by DomRaider take place on the Blockchain. Users have the advantage of participating in various NFT auctions through the platform. These auctions are held in a highly reliable, highly accessible and fast manner. The network built on Ethereum operates in a highly scalable manner. In other words, the measure of processes performed per second by the network is high.

However, the Blockchain network also offers a number of advantages, such as low process prices. Thanks to the low prices, users do not have to spend big to participate in the auction. The decentralized and transparent structure of the network that hosts the DRT token promises a more reliable environment to users.

What is DRT? What’s the use?

DRT is a cryptocurrency created following Domraider’s ICO in September 2017. This cryptocurrency was built using the ERC-20 smart contract. However, it has various use cases within the network. Accordingly, DRT refines the auction processes around the world. In other words, it aims to make auctions easier, safer and faster. In addition, users can buy and sell NFTs at auctions with DRT.

What is DomRaider? How to take DRT?

DomRaider currently trades only on HitBTC, YoBit and Crex24 exchanges. Interested investors must access and become a member of one of these exchanges. Afterwards, they can verify their membership, deposit an asset in their wallet that matches the DRT parity and purchase the token.

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