What is Curecoin? What Does CURE Do?

What is Curecoin? Curecoin is a cryptocurrency that, through ASIC mining, contributes to the study of currently incurable diseases. In this article, you can access the answers to the questions that are curious about what is Curecoin, what it offers, what is the use of CURE and how to get it. Koindeks.comWe have compiled it for you.

What is Curecoin?

Stanford University started a research called [email protected] in 2000. According to this research, the university aims to find a cure for diseases that are currently limited to treatment, such as Alzheimer’s, cancer and Parkinson’s, through protein folding. This is where Curecoin comes into play. Protein folding is a way that allows us to see how amino acids form sequences within the protein. However, amino acids are arranged very rapidly and continuously.

For this reason, even great computers occasionally have problems analyzing and simulating them. Curecoin leverages the computers of many users around the world, with multiple mining systems. It then uses this enormous process power to analyze and simulate protein sequences. In short, the altcoin was created to support the [email protected] project of Stanford University. The project has a utility token called CURE.

What is CURE? What’s the use?

The Curecoin project has its own Blockchain network. The main use case of this network is mining. Users can fold protein through mining and are the basis for the development of research. In return, they are rewarded with CURE coins. Multiple tokens are either in the ASIC tier or in the CPU/GPU tier. Curecoin is a cryptocurrency earned through both CPU, GPU, ASIC and staking.

Before you can earn Curecoins, you need to start folding. Folders are called folders. Folders uses high-end CPUs and GPUs to fold the protein and earn a set of coins set aside for their contributions. As usual, miners can also mine with SHA256 ASICs. They can also use them to secure the blockchain for the Curecoin network. Incorporating staking in 2016, the project allows users to lock their tokens for a certain period of time. Users who lock their assets earn additional CURE rewards at maturity.

What are its features?

  • Curecoin allows both ASIC holder and revenue earning by CPU/GPU mining. ASICs are pretty good at securing a Blockchain network.
  • Curecoin is backed by a faithful Blockchain. That is, the network is supported by scientific research. However, there is no central authority on the platform.
  • The CURE coin has a real price, both as a system and as a currency, for purchasing a tradable representation of medical research.
  • As an example of the carbon offset idea, people can buy the CURE coin, which represents medical and scientific research.

What is Curecoin? How to take CURE?

Those interested in Curecoin can mine through the application of Blockchain. However, the project does not employ a specific cryptocurrency exchange. However, it is seen in some crypto currency exchanges. In the middle of the exchanges where CURE coin is listed are Bittrex and HitBTC. Interested investors should become a member of these exchanges and verify their accounts. Afterwards, they must load an asset suitable for CURE parities in their wallet and purchase the token.

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