What is Consensus Cell Network? What Does ECELL Do?

What is Consensus Cell Network? Consensus Cell Network (ECELL) is a decentralized blockchain application incubator. Koindeks.com In this article, we answered the questions of what is Consensus Cell Network, what it offers, what is ECELL coin, what is it for, how to get it. Let’s examine this project together, which works as an incubator for decentralized applications on Blockchain.

What is Consensus Cell Network?

Consensus Cell Network is a decentralized blockchain application incubator. It aims to provide incubation and acceleration services for decentralized applications. It basically serves as a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) composed of users, developers, and investors. Blockchain technology has experienced a series of revolutions in its history, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. These revolutions have made cryptocurrencies an innovative mix in all walks of life through the encryption of Blockchain.

For this reason, cryptocurrencies are expected to be an integral module of the science and technology world in the future. But the implementation of Blockchain technology as a whole is now in its infancy. It will therefore take a long time to implement large-scale implementation at the societal level. Consensus Cell Network is a platform created based on this determination. The platform builds on technological innovations in the development process of Blockchain. It also allows creating advanced application scenarios by guiding applications.

What does Consensus Cell Network offer?

Founded in September 2019, Consensus Cell Network provides incubation services for projects. Accordingly, the Blockchain platform underpins the development of projects, provides them with consultancy services and enables them to find financing. It also provides various services for creating scenarios for its applications. The project has successfully incubated the following dApps:

  • A decentralized fund settlement (ETF) called CellETF
  • A cryptocurrency wallet called CellWallet
  • A decentralized exchange (DEX) called CellSwap
  • Decentralized GameFi products called CellGame

What is ECELL? What’s the use?

It is the native cryptocurrency of the ECELL Consensus Cell Network ecosystem. This cryptocurrency is basically an Ethereum-based ERC-20 token and provides a number of functions within the project. For example, ECELL is a tool for supporting and funding applications incubated within the platform. The token can also be used to distribute governance to organizations. In other words, projects can use ECELL to ensure their own decentralization. Finally, users who perform network operations and maintenance earn ECELL rewards.

What is Consensus Cell Network? How to take ECELL?

Consensus Cell Network is currently trading on Bittrex and AEX exchanges. Those who want to buy ECELL must access these exchanges and become a member, then deposit money into their wallets and place a purchase order for the token. Within minutes of doing so, they can see the tokens they purchased in their wallets.

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