What is CloudCoin? What Does CCE Do?

What is CloudCoin? CloudCoin (CCE) is a digital currency that can be recovered even if lost and can be stored as .txt or .png. Koindeks.com In this article, we answered the questions of what CloudCoin is, what it offers, what is CCE, what it does and how to get it. Let’s examine this digital money, which has its own characteristics in the crypto money market, together.

What is CloudCoin?

CloudCoins are a special digital currency that can be stored in computer documents. It basically consists of codes that the user can remember. These codes are used only once and are changed later. This ensures that CloudCoins cannot be imitated, mined or destroyed. However, the CCE measure on the market never changes. So it has constant supply.

This project is a minted digital asset, unlike Bitcoins that can be mined. After printing CCE tokens, the project canceled the system in order not to generate any more tokens. There are currently 16.77 million tokens on the market. This number does not increase or decrease as it depends on the length in bits of the Serial Number. Additionally, CCE is not a cryptocurrency. In other words, it does not use Blockchain technology. It gets its value from the 400-byte random number embedded in JPEGs or text documents.

What does CCE do?

In traditional monetary systems, people who “own” money achieve well-being. People who “know” money with CloudCoin will have prosperity. CloudCoin does something different than Bitcoin does. In comparison, it uses a new technology called RAIDA, which is much smoother than Blockchain. It is basically a decentralized authentication technology. In CCE, the owner of a cloud-based digital currency obtains the code containing the money in a particular document. When a CCE is sold, this information passes to another user.

CloudCoin is currently integrated with over 25 digital cloud services. Cloud technology can be defined as internet-based large information stores. On these platforms, users have the advantage of storing their information for free or by paying money. An example of these platforms is Google Clouds. CCE is designed for use on these medical platforms. However, transferring the token is also extremely easy. It is sufficient to send the document through a random application, rather than an exchange.

What are CloudCoins? How to take CCE?

Currently, CloudCoin is only traded on the BitMart exchange. Interested investors must first become a member of this exchange. After that, investors should verify the account they have created by following the relevant steps. Thus, they can deposit an asset in their wallets relative to CloudCoin pairs. Investors who do this can purchase CCE to varying degrees based on their balance.

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