What is Chimpion? What Does BNANA Do?

What is chimpion? Chimpion (BNANA) is a software company launching a Blockchain-based online bank for the crypto community. Koindeks.com In this article, we answered the questions of what Chimpion is, what it offers, what is BNANA, what it does, and how to get it. Let’s examine together this project that built the ‘Blockchain Bank’.

What is chimpion?

Chimpion is a software company that launched a cryptocurrency called BNANA and a digital bank called Blockchain Bank. The main work of this company is ‘Blockchain Bank’. In particular, this bank allows the crypto community to access banking services without leaving the cryptocurrency market. Moreover, it does this by circumventing the existing problems of the classical banking system. Existing banks are frequently on the agenda with their long waiting times, centralized structures and information breaches. In addition, they operate with high process prices.

Chimpion uses Blockchain technology to solve the aforementioned problems. This bank uses stablecoins and common cryptocurrencies such as USDC. As such, it reinforces digital currencies and the crypto ecosystem. It underpins many of the services banks offer, including users sending assets to each other on a peer-to-peer (P2P) basis in two different parts of the world. This includes interest income. However, Blockchain Bank offers much higher returns compared to classical banks.

What does Chimpion offer?

It works thanks to a successful integration of cryptography, Blockchain and smart contracts. Thus, it serves its users as a practical, innovative and unlimited banking system for daily use. This bank allows two people living in different places to send money to each other without paying any process fees. However, users can also send money to a random Mastercard-based card via Blockchain Bank. Or he can earn high returns by investing his funds in interest.

What is BNANA? What’s the use?

Although the Chimpion project shows many of its features, it has not been released yet. Interested users can join the waiting list of the project by accessing the company’s website. However, the company has a cryptocurrency called BNANA. This cryptocurrency is not very connected with banking services. However, they have their own use cases within the ecosystem. Accordingly, BNANA is the cryptocurrency used for various token rewards that keep the project moving forward.

What is chimpion? How to get BNANA?

Currently, BNANA coin trades on two cryptocurrency exchanges. These are Mercatox and Crex24. Interested investors must be members of one of these exchanges. Users are then required to fully verify their membership. Users who do these should learn about the Chimpion process pairs in the exchange and deposit an asset into their wallets accordingly. Thus, they can purchase the cryptocurrency to varying extents depending on their balance.

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