What is Camp? What Does CAMP Coin Do?

What is Camp? Camp is an Ethereum-based Blockchain project that develops a new donation and charity model on the problem of poverty. Koindeks.com In this article, we answered the questions of what is Camp, what it offers, what is CAMP coin, what it does and how to get it. Let’s examine together this project, which aims to solve civil aid problems through Blockchain technology.

What is Camp?

Camp is a Blockchain project built on Ethereum that aims to solve the worldwide problem of poverty. This project aims to recreate social aid and donation models. Considering that the current donation models are far from solving the problems, the project has its own donation and aid model. According to the team, current donations are based on basic needs for daily survival. In other words, poor people continue to be poor after using and consuming aid.

At this point, the poor person still needs donations and aids. In addition, he has to continue his life in a difficult situation until new help arrives. Camp analyzed the inefficiencies of this model and developed a model accordingly. According to the Blockchain-based model created by Camp, developments in 7 basic areas are required to reduce poverty. These;

  • electricity supply,
  • Provision of medical services,
  • Income level enhanced by labor,
  • As a result of the beautification of the income, the development of the revel branch,
  • Stimulating the economic community to create income beautification synergies,
  • Creating educational opportunities to achieve quality of life, work and individual vision,
  • Stable supply of safe drinking water.

What is Camp’s analysis model?

Camp Global has introduced a model based on cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technology for the solution of the above-mentioned problems. This model, called Impact Donation, establishes a village’s independent economic infrastructure through donations. Thus, it builds a sustainable economic model that allows villages to be independent. That is, through donations, profits increase and peasants grow proportionally. When this happens, necessary incentives are provided for the development of a new village.

What is CAMP coin? What’s the use?

CAMP coin is an ERC-20 token that stands out with many use cases in the help of Camp Global. Users can donate with this token. However, CAMP is also used for the project’s ambitions for marketing. Individuals, such as business developers working within the ecosystem, are also paid by CAMP. Accordingly, the cryptocurrency is about to be the driving force of the ecosystem. Token holders participate in the governing group of this ecosystem. In other words, they get the right to vote in the decisions taken.

How to get CAMP coin?

CAMP coin is currently traded only on the ProBit Global exchange. Interested investors are required to become a member of this exchange and then deposit money into their wallets. Users who deposit money into their wallets can place a purchase order for the token over the relevant parity.

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