What is Cambria? What does KAT do?

What is Cambria? Kambria (KAT) is an open innovation platform that supports the development of technologies such as artificial intelligence, VR/AR and IoT. Koindeks.com In this article, we have answered the questions that investors wonder about what is Cambria, what it offers, what is KAT, what it does, how to buy it. Let’s examine together this innovation platform that supports the development of new technologies.

What is Cambria?

Kambria is an open innovation platform for deep technology (artificial intelligence, Blockchain, VR/AR, IoT etc.). With this platform running on the blockchain, anyone can research deep technology solutions. The platform includes NFT IP Marketplace and DAOs. In addition, the platform has agreements with many successful universities and companies around the world. According to the information obtained, Kambria basically works as an incubation center for new technology start-ups.

What does Cambria offer?

Kambria allows users to research, develop and commercialize deep technologies. Users can collaborate with the platform or its partners with these goals. However, every person who makes a random contribution to technological developments is rewarded by the ecosystem. Users with a random project can access various grants through Kambria. In addition, it can receive state and university supplements.

However, Kambria is a Blockchain project that also deals with the NFT field. The Kambria NFT IP Program enables innovators to license, monetize and defend their intellectual property. This means that through the platform NFT creators can license their own NFT items. Thus, they own all the copyrights of the works of art they produce. In addition, the IP program also works as an NFT marketplace. Here, developers can sell the copyrights of their own created collections and items.

What is KAT? What’s the use?

KAT is the native cryptocurrency for the Kambria platform. This cryptocurrency has many use cases within the ecosystem. Accordingly, the KAT token is used to facilitate the transfer of assets for each direction of the platform. In addition, KAT can be spent as a payment procedure for all works and services within the platform. Users must be a KAT owner to become a member of the platform, access a range of works such as 3D printing, Hackathon affiliate, access to the resource library. KAT is a digital asset that can be traded on cryptocurrency exchanges.

What is Cambria? How to take KAT?

Kambria is currently trading on cryptocurrency exchanges such as KuCoin and Binance DEX. Interested investors must access and become a member of one of these exchanges. After that, traders must deposit an asset into the account they created that matches their KAT trading pair. Thus, depending on the balance in their wallets, they can buy KAT coins in the relevant parity.

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