What is CACHE Gold? What Does CGT Do?

What is CACHE Gold? CACHE Gold (CGT) is a Blockchain-based project that aims to tokenize real-world gold and bring it to the Web3. Koindeks.com In this article, you can find answers to questions such as what is CACHE Gold, what it offers, what is CGT coin, what it does and how to buy it. Let’s examine this crypto money project based on physical gold together.

What is CACHE Gold?

CACHE Gold (CGT) is a blockchain project set out to tokenize real and verifiable physical gold. This project runs on Ethereum, one of the largest altcoin networks in the market. It also converts gold assets into tokens using Ethereum’s ERC-20 smart contract. Each CACHE Gold token in the market represents a certain amount of gold at the same time. In addition, the project also provides a special gold infrastructure and ecosystem to its users.

What does CACHE Gold offer?

The most valuable feature of the CACHE Gold project is that it has gold in reserve for each token. This gold in reserve is recorded on the Blockchain by the cashier’s cashier through an asset tracking system called Gram Chain. In addition, CACHE’s gold is tracked and photographed by RFID. In other words, CACHE provides all the services it offers by being audited in a regulated manner. Users can access all processes performed by CACHE over the Ethereum network.

Essentially, CACHE Gold is about real gold in the form of cryptocurrencies as it is tied to equivalent physical gold reserves. Therefore, users can use it like other cryptocurrencies. In other words, they can buy the token and “HODL” it. In addition, the platform has a highly secure and transparent Blockchain infrastructure. It runs on a Proof-of-Reserve system and leverages Ethereum. Thanks to the Ethereum network and the PoR system, it enables fast and low-cost processes.

What is CGT? What’s the use?

CACHE Gold tokens are referred to as CGT. This ERC-20-based cryptocurrency is fully gold-fortified. For each CGT on the market, CACHE has one gram of gold in reserve. Accordingly, a CGT refers to a gram of gold in the digital world and Web3. CGT is more profitable than classical gold. Because it is hosted digitally on the Blockchain. Thus, it is not affected by the high transportation costs of gold. However, the token also serves as a transparent store of value and protects the investor against inflation.

What is CACHE Gold? How to take CGT?

CACHE Gold is currently listed on a number of cryptocurrency exchanges. In the middle of these exchanges are Bittrex Global, Uniswap and NBX. Interested investors should become a member of one of these exchanges and transfer funds to their wallets. He can then buy the token corresponding to grams of gold by placing a buy order for CGT.

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