What is BTRIPS? What Does BTR Do?

What is BTRIPS? Using blockchain technology, BTRIPS is a smart trading platform that allows the sale of luxury artifacts and collectibles. In this article, you can find answers to questions asked by investors about what BTRIPS is, what it offers, what is BTR coin, what it does and how to buy it. Koindeks.com we have prepared for you. Let’s examine together this project, which offers a special NFT marketplace.

What is BTRIPS?

BTRIPS is a Blockchain platform that emerged when people started shopping with E-commerce during the Covid-19 pandemic. This platform has a special vision that it calls “smart trading”. Accordingly, it provides various trading services in line with Social trends. It also offers various tools for integrated marketing and sales development for vendors and suppliers. Working as an NFT-focused marketplace, the platform hosts the works of luxury brands and their collections.

Users can buy and sell NFTs, become members of collections and participate in auctions within BTRIPS. Built on the Ethereum Blockchain, this NFT platform works with a transparent structure. Users can make transactions on this platform with extremely low gas prices. In addition, the processes carried out on the platform are carried out in a very fast way. Additionally, a cryptocurrency called BTR coin powers the platform.

What does BTRIPS offer?

BTRIPS enables trade through authentication for luxury items and collectibles. It is possible to buy or sell NFT through the platform. Users can subscribe to NFT collections and brands. However, a number of trading features are supported, such as auction and sale. In addition, it is possible to purchase works in a global and easy form with the tool called BTR Share. NFTs printed within the platform are tied to real-world assets, not just items online. Therefore, they have different properties.

NFTs minted on BTRIPS consist of tokenized real-world assets. When these assets are tradable, it is possible to receive the asset in various forms. For example, at the request of the token holder, the NFT is exchanged for that NFT in the real world. The user who purchases a Gucci bag NFT can use it to obtain a real-world exact Gucci bag. In addition, the project allows users to trade in an easy form without dealing with complex technologies such as a crypto wallet.

What is BTR? What’s the use?

BTR is a key cryptocurrency on the BTRIPS platform. This ERC-20 token has high availability within the ecosystem. It offers a variety of payment system services, including cross-border remittances. It also provides functions for vendors and suppliers that can be used for promotion and marketing. The token also allows payment of registration prices for goods and services. In addition, NFT can be used for purchasing and staking purposes.

What is BTRIPS? How to get BTR?

BTRIPS is currently listed on cryptocurrency exchanges such as Bittrex, MEXC, and BitGlobal. Interested investors can purchase BTR coin by signing up for one of these exchanges in a complete form and depositing money in their wallets.

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