What is Bitcloud? What Does BTDX Do?

What is Bitcloud? Bitcloud (BTDX) is a decentralized cryptocurrency created for use in payments around the world. Koindeks.com In this article, we answered the questions of what Bitcloud is, what it offers, what is BTDX, what it does and how to get it. Let’s examine together this crypto money, which aims to be the digital payment method of the future.

What is Bitcloud?

Bitcloud (BTDX) is a blockchain project that describes itself as a ‘next generation decentralized digital currency’. This Blockchain project aims to revolutionize digital payments with the cryptocurrency called BTDX. Accordingly, Bitcloud is a decentralized cryptocurrency that cannot be controlled by any country. According to the project’s website, this crypto currency can be used in any region where the internet is available. Accordingly, users can send and receive BTDX from all over the world and spend it.

What does Bitcloud offer?

Bitcloud is a very old cryptocurrency project. The project was launched in 2014 and initially focused on cloud services. However, the altcoin redesigned itself as digital cash in 2022. Accordingly, the cloud services and bandwidth sharing previously offered by Bitcloud are no longer available. Currently BTDX offers a number of different features in addition to digital payments.

First, altcoin is highly decentralized. There is no CEO, CTO or random manager behind the project. Management is entirely in the hands of BTDX owners. Secondly, the project allows its users to perform fully encrypted cryptocurrency processes. In this way, users have the opportunity to perform hidden processes. Cryptocurrency transfers and payments, as well as hidden processes, take place within seconds at very low gas prices.

What is BTDX? What’s the use?

BTDX is the abbreviation for the cryptocurrency Bitcloud. Bitcloud is an altcoin powered by the Proof-of-Work (PoW) consensus system. Accordingly, users have the advantage of obtaining crypto money by mining BTDX. PoW mining requires computers with high processing power.

In the PoW setup, users devote their computers’ CPU and GPU processing power to solving complex mathematical problems of cryptocurrency. The first user to solve the process wins BTDX tokens. However, the project has set the maximum supply of the token at 200 million to avoid inflation of BTDX.

What is Bitcloud? How to get BTDX?

Bitcloud is on CoinMarketCap’s ‘untracked assets’ list. However, cryptocurrency can be purchased via BTDX’s wallet app. It can also be obtained from low-volume crypto exchanges such as Cryptopia, CoinExchange and BitcoinChampion. In order to buy BTDX token from the exchange, it is necessary to be a member of one of the above mentioned. Members can purchase the token by depositing funds into their wallets.

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