What is Bibox Token? What Does BIX Do?

What is Bibox Token? Bibox Token is a cryptocurrency exchange that combines traditional token exchange services with artificial intelligence technology. Koindeks.com In this article, we have answered the questions of investors such as what is Bibox Token, what it offers, what is BIX, what it does and how to get it. Let’s examine this cryptocurrency exchange and its local token together.

What is Bibox Token?

Bibox is a cryptocurrency exchange that combines proprietary artificial intelligence technology with classic token exchange services. This exchange platform aims to differentiate itself from other exchanges in terms of user experience, system stability and ease of trading. The project aims to reach a process volume of around 100 million dollars per day in the future.

Basically, Bibox wants to solve some of the problems of existing cryptocurrency exchanges in-house. In the midst of these troubles, bad user experiences, lack of leverage or trustworthy credit system, and scarcity of investment strategies. The group works to bring the latest artificial intelligence technology and user experience to the Bibox Token platform. It also moves to achieve its industry-leading position as the most liquid crypto exchange.

What does Bibox Token offer?

Bibox Token runs an automatic and regular listing/delisting process. Accordingly, the artificial intelligence technology of the platform decides which altcoin is worth listing. The AI’s decision is voted on by Blockchain experts on the platform. As a result of this voting, it is certain whether the token will be listed or not. In addition, artificial intelligence technology also benefits personal users. Users can create their own trading strategies and automate their processes through Bibox’s AI technology.

While Bibox provides a platform for spot trading, it also provides one-on-one leverage trading, crypto loans and contract trading. Thus, it allows investors to be protected from risk. It also gives the opportunity to short sell to those who want to profit in the event of a bear market. In this middle, the long/short markets on Bibox are adjusted to be less volatile. In this way, investors can process with less risk.

What is BIX? What’s the use?

BIX is the native cryptocurrency of the Bibox Token platform. Built with the ERC-20 smart contract on the Ethereum Blockchain, this token is used to perform some basic functions on the platform. For example, gas prices that must be paid for trading on the exchange can be paid with BIX tokens. Gas prices paid with BIX are lower.

In addition to gas prices, users should also use BIX to pay for decentralized process services. Finally, users who hold BIX in their wallet are more easily promoted to VIP user status. Asset calculation for VIP upgrade will be 1.5x for Bix Token users. Users who become VIPs are entitled to benefit from various advantages offered by the platform.

What is Bibox Token? How to get BIX?

Investors interested in Bibox Token can purchase BIX on various cryptocurrency exchanges. The token is currently listed on Huobi Global, Bibox and Pionex exchanges. Users who subscribe to one of these exchanges and deposit an asset suitable for BIX parities in their wallets can purchase the token.

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