What is 8X8 PROTOCOL? What Does EXE Do?

The 8X8 Protocol team set out to connect and improve the real world and Blockchain. It also encourages DApp activation, including referral, staking, and rewards programs. In this article, as Koindeks.com, “What is 8X8 PROTOCOL?” We will answer the question. In addition to these, we will touch on all the bets that are curious about the project.

What is 8X8 PROTOCOL? What does EXE do?

The project aimed to develop optimized projects to produce real economic value with various functions and to provide services in this regard. 8X8 Protocol started to realize the goals in the roadmap in the first quarter of 2019.

Also, 8X8 Protocol is a fundraising based platform. It capitalizes on future economic benefits by focusing on EXE Tokens to provide the necessary resources for the project. Its name is 8X8 Protocol, because it is the alliance project of Team 8 and consists of 8 groups.


The number 8 in the 8X8 Protocol name symbolizes the hourglass. In the hourglass principle, the sand in the upper part continues to pass through its narrow length in the middle chamber. However, the stacks at the bottom of the lower chamber show the opposite movement.

A fund working as the Central Bank plays a central role. In the first phase of the project, he works as a bank within the project. It was established to raise funds as a necessary resource. Squad 8’s job is to equip and manage it at the right time. It is centrally controlled through ISOFT PARTNERS NV.

8×8 Protocol steps:

Tier 1: Establishment of the basic ecosystem:

It aims to develop essential DApp services for Token economy based on EXE Tokens. In the first phase, it aims to minimize the changes in the circulating scale of the Tokens. All resources required in this tier will be procured from the measure, which is 10 percent of the total measure released.

Phase 2: The growth period of 8×8 Protocol economics:

It is the stepping stone where the core economics of EXE Tokens realizes steady growth through the establishment of the underlying ecosystem. This is the era when EXE Tokens come to formulate the virtuous cycle activated in the market. Moreover, as the deflation structure is triggered, additional circulation of EXE Tokens can be allowed first through CB from this period onwards.

3rd Level: Transfer of transformation to local administration:

This period means that the EXE Tokens are in a state where they cannot be distributed any longer. It also means that team 8’s project can no longer be supported by CB resources. The 8X8 Protocol project, especially the transition to centralization, occurs exactly in this period. Moreover, this will enable the 8X8 Protocol to assume the role of the main currency in a decentralized ecosystem.

What is 8X8 PROTOCOL? How to buy EXE?

Exchanges that can currently be processed with EXE; It is Poloniex. To purchase coins, these stages are followed:

First, access the web/mobile application of the stock market that lists the EXE you selected as the first step. Then complete the account opening steps of the exchange. Complete the authentication and approval process, which is another step. Follow the steps of the exchange, which is the next step, to deposit funds. As the last step, select the EXE Coin with the balance amount you want and create a purchase order. Keep it in your credible accounts.

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