What is 1eco? What Does 1ECO Do?

1eco is a platform that will solve various issues in cities by connecting reality and virtual world using decentralized Blockchain technology. In this article, as Koindeks.com, “What is 1eco?” We will answer the question. In addition, we will touch on other issues that are curious about the project.

What is 1eco? What’s the use?

1eco World is a Blockchain technology-based C2E platform that rewards its users as well as contributes to the resolution of real-world societal challenges, both large and small, in areas such as environmental issues, local market, health and commerce.

1ECO is the native Token of the platform. At the same time, the administrative money of 1eco World is 1ECO. Awarded to decentralize ownership and management of the 1eco ecosystem. 1ECO can be purchased on virtual currency exchanges. 1ECO’s primary goal is to acquire personal and business citizenship, buy shares and qualify for political voting in 1eco World.

How does 1eco work?

Users can obtain Residence and Citizenship in 1eco World. It can also participate in various ecosystem activities within the Interverse (1eco’s virtual world). These activities directly affect the real world issues that 1eco is trying to solve. That’s why 1eco manages the rewards system for contributors in a transparent and fair manner. In Interverse, users can contribute to the ecosystem. It can also create new communities with other participating users. By acquiring virtual jobs, users can receive even more rewards through various contribution activities.

In addition, 1eco World’s Interverse provides flexible engagement between users and real-world businesses. It allows them to create economic activities and business models with each other. 1eco World operates based on two virtual currencies: 1eco Limited issuances [1ECO], a governance coin and [1PECO], a utility currency within the ecosystem. 1eco World aims to be an ecosystem where everyone can work in an equal position by closely linking daily life with the virtual world. In addition, it works in contrast to existing centralized virtual ecosystem platforms. 1eco aims to create an affiliate-centric virtual ecosystem based on the belief of the affiliates. For this, the platform will use and develop a decentralized Blockchain technology.

What is 1eco? How to buy 1ECO?

The platform is currently trading on a small number of cryptocurrency exchanges. Individuals who want to invest in the project should open an account in one of the exchanges where the project is processed. The exchanges that 1eco processes are listed in the following form: Gate.io and Bittrex. Users who want to invest in the project should open an account on one of these exchanges.

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