What is 12Ships? What Does TSHP Do?

12Ships (TSHP) was launched in 2019 to realize the ambitions of the Fourth Industrial Revolution through Blockchain technology. In this article, as Koindeks.com, “What is 12Ships?” We will answer the question. In addition, we will touch on other issues that are curious about the project.

What is 12Ships? What’s the use?

12Ships (TSHP) was launched in 2019 to fulfill the purposes of the Fourth Industrial Revolution through Blockchain technology. The company’s mission is to develop smart mining solutions in eco-friendly mining infrastructure using 12Ships’ high-performance mining machine. It is to make stable profits in one-to-one time and to innovate in the field of Blockchain. The company wants to expand the scope of TSHP Tokens and develop a reliable, profitable service for games and e-commerce. At the same time, the council aims to create a global platform on the credible Blockchain infrastructure.

12Ships (TSHP) is a subsidiary of Twelveships Foundation Ltd., founded in March 2018 by Ahn Michael and Min Young Hoon. powered by. The company is registered in Singapore but is headquartered in South Korea. At the same time, Qianjie Zhao is the director of the 12Ships Foundation. He has served as a consultant at FBG Group and co-founder and CEO of Vancores since 2019. Acquired 12Ships in April 2020. Zhao entered the blockchain space in 2014, starting his journey as a marketing executive for BTCChina. He also took a leading role in the mining pool of BTCChina, one of the largest Bitcoin (BTC) mining pools in the world at one point.

What is TSHP Coin?

12Ships’ native Token is TSHP. TSHP aims to make Blockchain investment as easy as possible by providing profitable and secure cryptocurrency mining infrastructure. One-on-One is a cryptocurrency Token built on the Ethereum Blockchain.

How does 12Ships work?

12Ships (TSHP) is located on the Ethereum (ETH) Blockchain, where all processes are regulated and controlled by smart contracts. In 2019, the company successfully completed the verification performed by Certik to detect the problems and vulnerabilities in the source code of 12Ships smart contracts. Further security is provided by Haschchain, which runs on a PoW assembly and provides proper authentication and prevents tampering. Haschchain ensures reliable recording, storage and verification of particularly valuable data. It minimizes the risks of information transmission errors or hacking in one-on-one time.

What is 12Ships? How to get TSHP?

12Ships is currently trading on a small number of cryptocurrency exchanges. Individuals who want to invest in the project should open an account in one of the exchanges where the project is processed. The exchanges that 12Ships processes are listed in the following form: Gate.io and Bittrex. Users who want to invest in the project should open an account on one of these exchanges.

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