Whales Selling SHIB Are Wildly Buying This Chest Coin!

A mysterious SHIB whale transported 160 billion Shiba Inu to a major crypto exchange today. In the middle, according to WhaleStats, DOGE is on the list of most purchased cryptocurrencies by whales in BSC.

Whales wildly snatching DOGE spikes process volume

As whale watching platform WhaleStats reports, DOGE, the largest chest cryptocurrency by market cap, has seen transaction volume increase on BNB Chain (BSC). This has included the development-recognized chest token in the list of top 10 traders. Currently, DOGE is in the top 10 on the list of most bought cryptocurrencies amid whales in BSC. According to the sharing of WhaleStats, DOGE is in the ninth place in the list.

Data shared by WhaleStats shows that currently the top 100 whales in BSC have a total of $5,424,273 which includes roughly 90,545,110 DOGE.

In the middle, in December of this year Dogecoin will celebrate its ninth anniversary of its launch. Koindeks.comAs you know from, IT engineers Billy Markus and Jackson Palmer gave life to the well-known chest coin in 2013.

One mystery whale gradually carries billions of SHIB

A mysterious SHIB holder moved 160 billion Shiba Inu to a major crypto exchange during the day. Overall, this whale dumped about a trillion chest coins onto the market, according to Etherscan. Currently, this anonymous investor still has 23.6 trillion SHIB.

160 billion sales from whales, 23.6 trillion SHIB holdings

The giant whale apparently moved 160 billion chest tokens to the crypto.com exchange for sale. As Etherscan shows, over the past month, this wallet has purchased trillions of Shiba Inu. However, he later sold his purchases in modules. Now it has moved 150-160 billion stacks to crypto.com and anonymous crypto wallets.

Five major processes moved SHIB from major cryptocurrency exchanges to crypto.com. Overall, it has sold 805 billion SHIB in that time frame. The wallet still contains 23,617,533,824,370 Shiba Inu tokens.

How much do the biggest SHIB whales cost now?

According to data from the WhaleStats platform for tracking digital wallets, the top 100 whales on Ethereum currently hold an average of 122,278,836,762 chest coins. This cryptocurrency measure costs around $1.26 million. Thus, SHIB is in the top 10 list of its holdings. It also accounts for about 5% of a wallet on average.

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