Whales Drain Recognized Altcoin! Where Will the Collapse End?

Whales are putting additional selling pressure on an altcoin that is about to move away from its mid-top decade amid the FTX crisis. Since the beginning of the year, they have circulated millions of tokens.

Altcoin whales sell $204M ADA

Related altcoin Cardano (ADA) is trying to recover after falling under the influence of the FTX crisis during the week. It has melted as low as $0.34 in the last 24 hours. Analysts expect it to close above $0.38. It wasn’t just the sales caused by the FTX crisis that drove the ADA price to these levels. Cardano whales have also sold 600 million ADA since the start of the year. The positive news is that the ADA price remains above $0.34 despite all the sales. Whales have sold 600 million ADA worth $204 million in 2022 alone.

Cardano has shed 19% since last week in response to FTX’s liquidity crisis and the market crash. Considering Dogecoin’s 29%, XRP’s 26% and Solana’s 60% depreciation, it outperformed its competitors in the top 30. The previous critical reinforcement broke $0.38 before dropping to $0.30 today.

Technical analyst John Isige says the rally will be short-lived

Cardano price deepened as low as $0.30 on November 10 after the bulls lost the $0.38 reinforcement. It is currently trading around $0.34 with a weak rally accompanied by new buyers. Analyst John Isige says the price rally will be short-lived given the risk-free market sentiment.

Cardano shows signs of capitulation, similar to the Covid era

Similar signs of surrender to March 2020 are emerging, which we evaluate according to Cardano’s Realized Profit/Loss indicator. The net realized profit/loss metric shows the overall size of the profit or loss made by selling traders. The last time an altcoin moves, it is valued relative to the price. Major capitulation events usually occur in two waves, with the second wave being shorter than the first. The first wave attracts investors who want to make quick profits before the second wave.

Twitter’s RektCapital says that for a positive trend, Cardano price should close the week above $0.36. Otherwise, Cardano price will have to retest $0.33 as a foothold.

RektCapital advises to watch if the $0.33 level weakens as a foothold before making an attack on Cardano. Koindeks.com As you follow, Cardano announced on November 3 that it will be able to create smart contracts using the Cardano Babbage v5.0.0 application, a development that can support the technical landscape. Thanks to this integration, smart contracts can now use Vasil’s upgraded Plutus script. The app is now available for download on Ledger Live.

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