Watch These 35 Altcoins This Week: Here’s the To-Do List!

We are entering another week where Bitcoin (BTC) and other cryptocurrencies see a horizontal process. This week, there will be big developments in altcoin projects. In the list below, you can see the network updates, stock market listings and Q&A events that will take place throughout the week. Here are the details…

This week is critical for 35 altcoins

  • Koindeks.comAs we reported, Coinsbit lists IBS (IBS) with USDT and BUSD pairs.
  • IBS (IBS) will complete the migration from the TRC20 network to BEP20 today.
  • Azbit (AZ) will carry out its token burning today.
  • BitMart lists Synesis One (SNS) with USDT pair at 17 CET today.
  • AntNetworX (ANTX) will carry out the token burning of $ 12,500 today, at 21 CET.
  • LBank will list Minebase (MBASE) in USDT pair at 11 pm ET.
  • Songbird (SGB) announced today that its Flare network will become completely decentralized.
  • Huobi Global lists MiL.k Alliance (MLK) with USDT pair.
  • ZooKeeper (ZOO) will launch ZooRacers Beta today.
  • BKEX, tomorrow, lists the World Cup Inu (WCI) in USDT pair.
  • PalmSwap (PALM) will release Palmswap Hybrid Exchange tomorrow.
  • Secret (SCRT) will hold the question and answer event on Twitter Spaces tomorrow at 19 pm.
  • ProBit Global will list MetamonkeyAi (MMAI) in USDT pair at 8 pm tomorrow.
  • STEMX (STEMX) will launch the STEM stock market on October 26.
  • Bitci will list Agro Global (AGRO) in TRY pair on October 26 at 15:00 CET.
  • (SFUND) will take screenshots for the THE AVATARS collection on October 26.
  • Telos (TLOS) has given October 26 as the deadline for the mainnet update.
  • MonkeyLeague (MBS) will launch NFT Breeding on October 26.
  • Trava Finance (TRAVA) will pre-sale Trava NFT Ticket on October 26.
  • Velas (VLX) will launch Wavelength DAO on October 26.
  • Kava (KAVA) has announced the official launch of Liquid Staking Mainnet on October 26th at 19 pm. By this date, the network will have passed all audits and testing phases.
  • PIVX (PIVX) will hold its question-answer event on Discord on October 26.
  • Ari10 (ARI10) will hold a question-answer event on October 26.
  • DSLA Protocol (DSLA) will hold the “DSLA No Code” event on October 27, aimed at individuals who do not have knowledge about development.
  • Hydra (HYDRA) will roll out the HYDRA 2.0 update on October 27.
  • UniLend Finance (UFT) will launch the V2 testnet on October 27. UniLend V2 will have arrived on the Ethereum testnet.
  • Mid-October 27-28, Web3 & Real Estate Summit, the pinnacle for Web3 and real estate, will take place in Miami. Propy (PRO) will take part in the event.
  • Bet To Earn (BTE) and NULS will hold the Q&A event on Telegram on October 27.
  • Maple (MPL) will hold its community meeting on October 27.
  • CrazySharo (SHARO) will release 3,000 NFT Challenge Packs on October 28.
  • XT.COM lists Saita Realty (SRLTY) with USDT pair on Oct 28.
  • Chia (XCH) will hold a question-answer event on Youtube on October 28.
  • Stakecube (SCC) will announce a new reward cycle on or before October 30th.
  • Katana Inu (KATA) will launch its NFT marketplace on October 30th.

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