Warning For These 3 Altcoins On Binance: “The Trouble of Collapse”

Analysts warn of 3 altcoins from Binance listing as bearish momentum continues to build. In particular, Cardano may have to see new bottoms if it loses $0.30.

Jason Pizzino reveals some problems about Cardano

The popular analyst is warning his investors that ADA is on the verge of collapse as the bearish momentum continues to build. In a new image, Pizzino says that ADA could drop to $0.30 or less as it breaks the reinforcement area one after the other:

I don’t think the ADA will hold up. I don’t expect it to go above $0.60 anytime soon. If we go back to $0.36, that will be even worse. Look at the low that came in May ($0.40). You can see that it has dropped below, is acting as resistance on the daily chart, and any bullishness with Bitcoin (BTC) may be less upside down overall.

Pizzino says that in an even worse scenario, where Bitcoin is also on the decline, we will see historical bottoms in the ADA price:

When Bitcoin drops – when these corrections are made, it will hit ADA hard as it is in a much weaker position overall on the macro chart here. I still think ADA looks like it’s about to drop to these bottoms at $0.30 ($0.17).

ADA’s recipe for salvation

Pizzino says the ADA’s only chance to avoid collapse is to rally abruptly this month. According to the analyst, the ADA price must break above $0.40 in October, surpassing all reinforcements. All the ADA bulls have to do next at this point is to stay in this area. According to Pizzino, “by the time that happens, the ADA is likely in trouble and will likely fall further.”

The leading altcoin may drop to 3 digits after this level

Pizzino also closely follows Ethereum (ETH), which he says started to come to life after rising gradually. The analyst highlighted the value of a critical pillar for the chairman altcoin.

It should bounce a little bit relatively soon. Nice to see closes stay above $1,280. This is a good sign to see. Now we only want to see it bounce when volume returns this week. Otherwise, he could be in trouble at $1,190. However, at least here we have moved away from these absolute lows of $1,000 and $880.

Chiliz price ready to make its next breakthrough while altcoin market is calm

Koindeks.com As you follow, Chiliz price dropped to $0.160 on October 13 due to US inflation pressure. That volatility was turned the other way, with the bulls taking over for a short time from the bears. It then reached a local peak of $0.194.

Ranging in the mid-$0.160 to $0.194 range, this range currently determines what Chiliz price will do next. The recent surge in bullish momentum for Bitcoin, and by extension, altcoins are starting to look different. As for Chiliz price, traders can wait for a pullback to $0.179 which will start the next rise for CHZ. Analyst Akash Girimath says this breakout should turn the $0.194 high into a mainstay to reach the $0.208 resistance.

While technical information shows a bullish outlook for Chiliz price, traders should pay attention to the GIOM pattern. This metric shows that about 15,600 addresses that bought 1 billion CHZ at $0.217 are “no money”. Therefore, the bullish breakout described in the top is facing a spike with a selloff of $0.217 from traders looking to deal with it. As a result, the local top points to around $0.210 or $0.200.

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