Valuable Assumption: Is It Time To Sell Bitcoin?

The past few months haven’t been phenomenal for Bitcoin price. Bitcoin continues to weaken in the $19,000 to $24,000 range with no end in sight. Bear markets are a time when your faith is valuablely tested. People who are new to Bitcoin may think the economic pain is too much and may want to sell to reduce their losses. But analyst Robert Hall points to the difference in the middle of the dollar and Bitcoin, making investors think about selling. Here are the details…

Should you sell your Bitcoin investment?

According to Hall, seasoned HODLers understand that at the moment, Bitcoin is extremely undervalued. Therefore, they get the opportunity to buy BTC at lows. Hall also acknowledges that exchanging your Bitcoin for dollars seems like a decent idea in the short term, as the Federal Reserve continues to raise interest rates to deal with inflation. The entire world is in the midst of a financial catastrophe unlike anything many living have ever seen. So, is it time to sell Bitcoin in the middle of a bear market? Robert Hall implies that no sale should be made. Hall uses the following terms:

No matter what the Fed says or does, the dollar always loses value in the long run. The dollar’s depreciation is a feature for Bitcoin, not a flaw. What seems like a better deal for you and your family? Holding an asset that is ready to increase 100 times in the next ten years? Or holding an asset that, by design, would lose close to 100 percent of its cost?

Will the dollar fall?

No one knows how long the US dollar can continue to be the world’s reserve currency. But one thing is certain, according to Hall: The days of the dollar are numbered. According to Hall, “Politicians on both sides of the aisle have misused the US’s marvelous role in the global economic system to print money that each country uses for trade.” In addition, he uses the following words:

The US is at the beginning of a debt spiral that will end as the dollar has become as free as any other fiat currency in the past. It may take five, 10, or 15 years for people to completely lose faith in the dollar, but they’re starting to lose it and it will peak in our lifetimes. Democratic and Republican parties are unwilling to relax their debt-manipulating authorization programs for fear of being removed from office before they ruin the government’s balance sheet.

Also, Hall says you can accumulate valuable Bitcoin in this bear market. “If you have free cash flow, putting some of it in Bitcoin will keep your wealth protected,” he says. Finally, “Bitcoin still provides the system in a chaotic world. It empowers the world to do positive things for humanity,” he adds.

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