US Politician: I Was Gonna Buy A Bag Of This Altcoin! But…

Crypto phenomenon David Gokhshtein, known for his politician identity, said that he gave up at the last moment to buy a sack from the altcoin project, which he had been following closely for a while.

David Gokhshtein gave up on the altcoin project he said he would buy with a sack

Gokhshtein once again retaliated against the LUNC team. The former US congressional candidate criticizes the Terra Classic (LUNC) executive, of which he is one of his biggest supporters. Gokhshtein said in a tweet today that he sees the Terra Classic token trending. He was disappointed to find nothing after researching the news about LUNC.

Gokhshtein is one of Terra Classic’s most vocal crypto influencers. He now complains that the community-focused project is not introducing any new upgrades to support its latest trend. The first thing they said on Twitter today was this.

LUNC is trending and I’m still looking for updates. I really want to know if protocols working with LUNA will come and improve this community based project.

The crypto phenomenon took action to buy it when he saw LUNC trending on Twitter. As you follow, he has been saying for a while that he will buy a large amount of LUNC at the appropriate moment. But he stopped doing this at the last moment:

I was also very close to buying a bag of LUNC, but at the last moment I stopped myself.


Although Gokhshtein supported LUNC, he was also one of its harshest critics. Since its inception, it actively opposed it, predicting that it would collapse quickly. However, events are building faith as Binance supports token burning events. That’s why he invited the Terra group and community on Twitter today to work harder. Based on LUNC’s decline in social volume, it soon ignited the community:

The LUNC community is a bit quiet now. Does it work quietly in the background, laboriously, or is it essentially done?

LUNC attracts new altcoin investors

It should be noted that the Terra Classic rose to $0.0053 last month. Thus, it becomes attractive again among investors. The rally came on the heels of news that LUNC led major exchanges to announce their token burning programs. Previously, Binance set up a system to burn tokens from LUNC trading processes. Binance has burned more than 12 billion Terra Classics in the past four weeks. Despite all these daring developments, Gokhshtein continues to discredit the project. Also, the hype surrounding LUNC seems to be waning lately.

On the price side, LUNC is currently trading at $0.0002365, up around 2% from the last 24 hours. He had to return most of last month’s rally.

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