US Congressional Candidate: These 2 Chest Coins Will Be Parabolic!

Former US Congressional candidate David Gokhshtein is betting on 2 chest coin projects for the next bull run. He said in a new tweet today that his election will rise “parabolic.”

Here are the reasons why David Gokhshtein expects “parabolic” from the chest coin market

The cryptocurrency market does not always experience a bull market due to cycles such as Bitcoin halving, which are divided into four-year intervals. However, in these eras, various altcoins act as a trigger for significant increases. According to former US Congressional candidate David Gokhshtein, the next bull catalysts will be Dogecoin and Shiba Inu. Gokhshtein said on Thursday on his official Twitter account:

Everyone is pissing, I think DOGE and SHIB will go up parabolic during the next bull run.

David Gokhshtein has spoken up about SHIB several times before. As Elon Musk did with Dogecoin, Gokhshtein continues its bear market reinforcement for SHIB. He said earlier that he regretted not buying SHIB in his freshman year. On October 10th, Shiba Inu was featured on Twitter when it came to bust coins:

When meme coins were the word, we should have gotten into SHIB.

“DOGE and SHIB will be parabolic,” says David Gokhshtein

Gokhshtein was a huge proponent of the Shiba Inu with his numerous tweets throughout 2022. Since last year, he has also included Dogecoin in his posts. The crypto phenomenon thinks chest coins will be the next bull triggers due to its impact on personal investors. He also mentioned this in his most recent tweets. He stated that the chest coins will eventually “bring new individual buyers into the crypto branch.” The crypto phenomenon now expects a “parabolic” rise for DOGE and SHIB in the next bull. As you follow, Gokhshtein previously included XRP in his precedent statements. He says if he wins his case with the SEC, it will trigger a strong rally for the entire market.

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