US Congressional Candidate: I’ll Run and Buy This Altcoin!

Former US politician David Gokhshtein shared the altcoin project he will “buy immediately” in a new tweet today. The crypto phenomenon is sounding for the bulls as the market continues to recover.

Here is the altcoin that David Gokhshtein will quickly buy

Gokhshtein said he will quickly buy a Shiba Inu (SHIB) in a new tweet today. The crypto phenomenon is accompanying the SHIB and Dogecoin rally on Twitter. Today he announced that he plans to buy a few million more Shiba Inu coins from his 690-follower account. He also warned his followers not to try to stop him.

“I immediately buy the $33 SHIB,” Gokhshtein says. It will own 2,682,926 tokens at the current SHIB price.

It looks like he’s determined to make this purchase. “Don’t try to stop me,” he warns his followers in the last part of the tweet. Gokhshtein previously announced that he owns Bitcoin, XRP, as well as SHIB and Dogecoin.

Record Shiba Inu trade of the week

A new Shiba Inu whale has emerged as SHIB has been on the rise since last week. Whale bought SHIB for $40.80 million in a precious process. According to Whale Alert, the whale added 3.36 trillion SHIB to its wallet through this process. data reveals that the process was carried out about 12 hours ago. The measure transferred to the new wallet is calm and has 3.369 trillion Shiba Inu at the address.

The whale is accumulating a large amount of Shiba Inu after showing an incredible price performance last week. According to CoinMarketCap information, the SHIB price has gained more than 25% in seven days. On Saturday, it successfully captured the most precious resistance at $0.0001180 on the daily chart. After that, it completed additional rallies with the momentum provided by the market. But it is overshadowed by Dogecoin, which has risen more than 100% since last week.

Gokhshtein also supports Dogecoin

According to Gokhshtein, Dogecoin will “work” more thanks to Elon Musk. The DOGE community has dreams of integrating the chest coin into Twitter, which Musk recently bought. The $44 billion purchase agreement was finalized on October 27. Gokhshtein wrote on Twitter regarding Musk’s attack:

DOGE will work because Elon will run it. If you take off the glasses you will see exactly this

Last week, the news that Musk had completed the Twitter acquisition caused DOGE to experience a valuable 130.5% increase in just five days. As you follow, Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson tweeted that he now perceives it as a real possibility that DOGE will “somehow merge” with Twitter as a result of Musk’s breakthrough. Additionally, he thinks Dogecoin should be a Cardano sidechain. The chest coin kindly suggested adding smart contracts and making a priceless switch.

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