Uniswap v3 Coming to StarkNet: What is UniStark?

There have been significant developments for StarkNet, the layer-2 solution for Ethereum (ETH) network scaling. It’s ready to accomplish another precious milestone for the best Ethereum (ETH) dApps. This time around, it has been announced that Uniswap (UNI) v3 is coming to StarkNet. Here are the details…

Uniswap and StarkNet made a valuable announcement

The StarkWare team, the developer of StarkNet, announced that Uniswap (UNI), the largest Ethereum-based decentralized cryptocurrency exchange (DEX), will soon be available on the StarkNet basis. Uniswap v3 is written on Solidity, a programming language for Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) smart contracts. In the middle, the Ethereum (ETH) developers at Nethermind have created a tool to facilitate the migration of dApps written in Solidity to Cairo, the language of StarkNet.

A new tool called Warp is designed to import smart contracts written in Solidity into Cairo and bring the EVM to StarkNet accordingly. Using this cutting-edge tool, Nethermind engineers are developing UniStark, a StarkNet-based version of Uniswap. The tool is available for testing on Nethermind’s GitHub repository. So the team emphasizes that this is not for commercial use. On October 24, 2022, the two teams will discuss the transition. For this, he will organize a Twitter Space broadcast.

According to Nethermind, Warp allows Solidity-based ETH enterprises to migrate to StarkNet, where they will benefit from the codebase. In other words, it is a “Rigidity to Cairo Transpiler”. The practice of translating code from one scripting language to another is known as transpiling. In this example, Warp converts the Solidity code to Cairo, the computer language used to create StarkNet programs.

Cairo got its first update

In the middle, process metrics are growing rapidly at StarkNet. This is why the adoption of the platform is gaining momentum. Last week, StarkNet surpassed not only L2 rivals Arbitrum and Optimism (OP), but also Ethereum’s L1 and even Bitcoin (BTC). According to the statistics shared by StarkWare, the work has performed more than 12 million processes in recent days. According to their own description, they process more than Bitcoin, thanks to their “unmatched security and minimal costs.”

Koindeks.com As we reported, last month, StarkWare’s Cairo language received its first major update to date. The update is called Cairo v1.0. The update plans to streamline the experience of StarkNet-focused developers and make the network more trustworthy. In addition, design is being made to make the network strong against incursions.

Also, in the middle of the most contemporary layer-2 solutions for the Ethereum (ETH) network is StarkNet. It helps scale a second Blockchain. Contemporary DeFi platforms are fortunate to use StarkNet offerings. It can use StarkEx, a “system as a service” driven by APIs. The StarkNet ecosystem demonstrates strong technical performance.

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